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    The Les Paul's "stepped heel" at the neck joint

    I imagine it was a traditional design feature and the reason it didn't extend to the base of the body would be the same answer as that in the wings thread, you've got to waste a whole lot more mahogany just to extend the heel a little further. The percent wastage on that piece would be huge...
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    Seasoning Wood

    Time only matters once you have sorted out storage conditions, for wood that has been cut and seasoned years ago the bulk of the moisture has gone and it will have done most of its moving. However if the wood has been stored badly (ie not flat) and somewhere that has a high relative humidity...
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    anyway to verify mahogany

    Come on guys, we shouldn't be buying real Honduran Mahogany, that stuff is rare and so sparsely located in the forests that hundreds of trees have to be destroyed for one mahogany tree. To be honest as you can't reliably vouch for the provenance of timber from many parts of South America and...
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    SG Body Thickness?

    Ah, quite slim then, that's good. Cheers fellas
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    SG Body Thickness?

    Hello from sunny England, where it hasn't rained for at least 5 minutes. I'm currently building my first LP but enjoying it so much I fancy doing an SG next. I will be getting some plans but don't have any yet, so my question is, how thick is the body on an SG? A bit of net research suggests...
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    Neck Blanks

    It's worth understanding the differentiation between heartwood and sapwood and also the pith. The pith is the very centre of the trunk and is usually to be avoided as it can split and have other defects. Heartwood is the old dead growth and is the wood you want for any instrument or furniture...
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    Vegetable Oil = Wasted Top

    I'd agree with a couple of comments, one being that you've got a lot of thickness there so just plane off a couple of mill and that should do it. The other being that yes, it's a pretty average looking piece of maple, not worth the effort of making into a top. I know good maple can be hard to...
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    Source for Honduran Mahogany Body and Set Neck Blanks?

    Matteo, I'm from England and bought a flame top from Northridge purely on what I saw on their website and it was fantastic, currently using it on my LP build. The piece I wanted was too thick for a LP top and there would be a lot of wastage, so I got in touch and they did a re-saw for me, so I...
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    Truss Rods

    Well I'm using a Stewmac hotrod as it looks like it will do the job and is nice and simple for a first time builder who isn't building an nth detail replica
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    did Gibson ever make any thing like this?

    There's no need for that!
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    When was the last year of the PAF?

    According to Beauty of the Burst they also changed the winding machine, the PAFs had a machine that was stopped by hand/the operator so often overwound by a few hundred coils, the later pickups had an electronic winder that stopped precisely when it hit the right number of winds. This gave a...
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    Help, need a name!

    If you like AC/DC then how about Cold Hearted Man or sat here as an Englishman how about We Ain't Got No Spuds I'll get my coat
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    Neck Blanks

    If you get your blanks wide enough and deep enough like the ones I made then you only need one piece, ie no scarf joint and no need to add ears on after. You are wasting a fair amount of timber though in that process - which is why Fender necks come from a single piece of 1" maple
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    Neck Blanks

    I made up some of my own neck blanks from a big piece of mahogany and IIRC they were about 760mmx100x100. Can just get two one piece necks from that
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    MDF to make Templates??????

    I've used ply to make all of my jigs and templates, bit more robust and if you do nick an edge with the router it doesn't cause as much damage. Downside is that they take a bit more effort to make. I also use double sided tape to hold the routing templates down with and MDF may start to...
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    Card Scraper- LOWLY and MAJESTIC

    Agree, don't think SS makes very good tool steel
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    Any other builders here

    Quick question about your coverplates, how thick are they and did you have any problems with them warping and moving? Thinking of making my own coverplates too
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    3d carved top, I need some opinion

    Hmmm, might leave it then, 2 degrees is not huge
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    Why Do You Play Les Pauls?

    Simple - Slash, Jo Perry and Jimmy Page. They were the coolest guitars, played in the best bands and made the best noise. Even Mark Knopfler became a convert, the song Brothers in Arms would have sounded crap on a Strat
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    50's rounded neck vs. slim-taper neck question

    If you have a look in Beauty of the Burst then that has a diagram of the cross section of the necks, quite a variation

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