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  1. Yelir

    I think I need a bigger couch

    @Pageburst I haven't seen much in the way of reviews of those newer THR amps. How do you like yours?
  2. Yelir

    PRS McCarty 594 Joe Walsh Limited Edition McCarty Sunburst

    How many pallets of this guitar will be stolen? :hmm:
  3. Yelir

    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    Would be great to see the strandbergs! :photos:
  4. Yelir

    NGD, a few days late

    Nice day for a new guitar! I have been lusting after a few Boden 8 models, I think I like the purple finish the best so far. To any strandberg owners here did you get dinged with VAT fees if you purchased from the website?
  5. Yelir

    Buying vs. Selling

    This show or rather the location seems to add a new variable to the equation. The lowest price a seller would take might be to cover what they paid, or item cost + small profit. I've seen a few episodes where x = the minimum amount they need to hit the casino. :rofl:
  6. Yelir

    Never saw this before ...

    Yellow is such an underated color. I would take off the pickup covers and have creme bobbins!
  7. Yelir

    100 push ups a day

    Any tips to work out or do sets of exercise with your partner? I have more experience with routine and regular workouts but would like to hear other ideas to motivate her! We also want to get in 30-60 minute yoga class but I still work full-time so planning isn't easy!
  8. Yelir

    RIP Allen Merrill

    I only found that out after a random YouTube dive. I'm addicted to this series but not all episodes are that deep.
  9. Yelir


    I just got over the pain of missing a local McCarty for sale! What year is she? :h5:
  10. Yelir

    I just got busted for eating the cake frosting right out of the can. Oooops!

    I'm vulnerable to the same icing, but Rainbow Chip style. For my sweet tooth, nothing beats a spoon and jar of maraschino cherries.
  11. Yelir

    If You Could Play Through Anyone’s Rig For An Hour...

    Would be a dream to see or play any Zappa gear in person. I can't forget to work on my clean tones while I have time off.
  12. Yelir

    Sellers on Ebay who DO NOT own the guitars they sell

    Does anyone on this forum offer proxy services? I found a guitar from Hard Off that is more than $500 over list price with the reseller rates. I have used Noppin before for videogames and other collectibles, but I hate signing up to sites I'll rarely use.
  13. Yelir

    Almost NGD teaser

    Can't say I've ever heard of this brand guitar, but I love the carve of the double cut. How does she look from the back? :naughty:
  14. Yelir

    If a woman grabbed your ass.....

    Did you forget the purple text? This doesn't sound like fact unless you assume or are making a gross generalization.
  15. Yelir

    The video game thread.

    One of my favorite games, getting the new remaster was worth it to me. The only complaint I had is particular movement controls that were redone can be wonky. Certain areas of the terrain are so detailed that you get caught up when walking over small rocks or riding horseback. Correct me if I'm...
  16. Yelir

    Worth rebuilding?

    Before you completely rebuild and install electronics, check how long a set of strings last on it! :Ohno:
  17. Yelir

    Squier Mary Kay..

    Take a break from those Matthew Scott videos, man! :eek2:
  18. Yelir

    The video game thread.

    I started up Resident Evil 2 about a week ago. I can't wait to see what Capcom does with RE3, which was always my favorite. I also got Dreams on the PS4. If any of you are even mildly creative or like to tinker you have to pick up this one!
  19. Yelir

    Need help on a trade deal - 2 335 gibby for a PRS

    How much would you have to pay for the 2 if bought separately? It sounds fair to me unless: A) These guitars play like a mutt dog. B) The PRS is the best guitar you've played/owned. Good luck.

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