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  1. Daniel.S

    Collapsed Bridges… what to do.

    That’s kinda cool! Wish they removed more of the break angle.
  2. Daniel.S

    What else could Gibson improve on?

    “Real deal” because anything made by Gibson that’s marketed as being like 57, 58, etc is a replica/reissue. I have no experience with them nor do I have a desire to own one. I’m merely asking because I was intrigued by the fact that people are obsessed with them, so much so that they...
  3. Daniel.S

    What else could Gibson improve on?

    Interesting, so it sounds like they've got the lineup as close as they can get it. I expected to hear comments about the logos not being in the correct spots or the wrong lacquer being applied. The comment about the bridge: Sounds like they could use metals made closer to the originals. I'm...
  4. Daniel.S

    What else could Gibson improve on?

    A question came to mind today about these Historics: What else could they improve on to make them more like the real deal? I'm just curious to hear about what you guys think could be better.
  5. Daniel.S

    Fret buzz from too straight a neck

    Very slightly loosen the truss rod, retune and then check your intonation.
  6. Daniel.S

    1968 phillips screw Pat.No. stickers vs early/mid 70s - any difference in tone?

    Question is: Did they start using 300k volume pots in 74?
  7. Daniel.S

    A question on intonatioin

    Oh! What tuner are you using?
  8. Daniel.S

    A question on intonatioin

    Always make sure you do your intonation with new and stretched strings.
  9. Daniel.S

    Incoming NGD: 1980 Custom Silverburst

    Hell yeah! Get some photos under some more realistic lighting; when you get it.
  10. Daniel.S

    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    I’d be fine with just my “79, but you know; more is more. :rofl:
  11. Daniel.S

    My 1991 Gibson SG Custom in Metal Flake Silver Sparkle - Marty Bell Finished

    Nice! A chrome pickguard would look awesome!
  12. Daniel.S

    NGD: Adam Jones Silverburst Standard

    Awesome guitar! Enjoy it!
  13. Daniel.S

    Sudden Loss Of Volume On Neck Pickup

    Resolder and check if that fixes it
  14. Daniel.S

    Time to sell the 1980 LP

    Wow really nice! I love these customs. No, I don't need another :hmm:
  15. Daniel.S

    Should I be worried about this truss rod?

    Post a picture so someone can give you some advice before you go cranking the truss rod. :)
  16. Daniel.S

    Sold my only remaining Gibson Les Paul today

    I mainly play my Les Paul's, but I also have some other guitars tucked away; keeps it interesting.
  17. Daniel.S

    Rhett Shull and Tim Pierce go Historic shopping

    I thought it was fun and enjoyable to be along for the ride; it's not my kind of guitar purchase. It's always interesting to me to see how other people buy their instruments.
  18. Daniel.S

    What year is this 70's Custom from?

    Nice guitar! If you get offended by someone's post on here; don't worry about it! Seriously though, don't stress!

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