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  1. crosstownblues

    Let's See Your Favorite Les Paul in 2022!

    * UPDATE* I’ve had this guitar for over six months now, gigging and practicing with it. Somehow, in the last month or so, the sound has opened up. It sounds like, I don’t know, there’s just more of everything. The highs are prominent, but sweet; the bigger strings have a steely, but rich sound...
  2. crosstownblues

    How are you liking the "tall/narrow" frets on your R-8?

    My 2022 R4 has the tall/narrow frets, which I had forgotten about as the guitar was purchased online. That being said, they do remind me of the 6105 frets, in that after hitting the fret there’s a little further to go to before touching the fretboard. It can make the action seem higher or more...
  3. crosstownblues

    Talk to me about noiseless P90s etc...

    A tightly wound P90 is less prone to hum and squeal. One solution in a two pickup guitar is to have one pickup RWRP. In the middle position, hum is either eliminated or severely reduced. When both volumes are set evenly there is no hum. Without changing pickup selector, turning either pickup...
  4. crosstownblues

    It bugs me

    Let’s not forget the variation in line voltage…
  5. crosstownblues

    ABR-1 “PROBLE-M-MATIC” bridge question.

    The problem with lifting saddles is probably from saddle screws that were bent from an aggressive hammer used to create the indentation in the saddle. My 2011 R9 screws were all bent and had to be replaced - discovered when doing an intonation. Once removed, it was easy to see the clear bends in...
  6. crosstownblues

    Internal Combustion Engine, are it's day's numbered?

    Possibly yes and no. When the fuel is derived from petroleum, yes. Possible no if adapted to use hydrogen as fuel. The most plentiful element in the universe would take longer than the time left in the universe to deplete...
  7. crosstownblues

    Why Do Amps Have Tone Controls?

    Personally, I use the amp controls to get me as close as possible as I want to be - but - I use the tone controls on my guitar to subtly shade the treble response, which is a finer adjustment than on any amp I’ve owned. I employ 50’s wiring, and properly configured will modulate the treble...
  8. crosstownblues

    The Purge Begins

    I feel your pain… I’m up to six reissues, three Fender style guitars, two custom guitars, a modified Traveler LP, two acoustic (OM and classical), a bass, and an old Vega ukulele. I like them all, which is a problem. I could narrow it down, but not by much. At least I have an amp for every guitar!
  9. crosstownblues

    Electric City Pickups Hallowed Ground PAF & Harness

    I would dearly love to own a set of Bill’s Hallowed Ground pickups. I have three RIs with them and swear by them!
  10. crosstownblues

    Could not resist, 1965A

    I picked one up several years ago for my 5F6a Bassman head. I replaced all the speakers with Eminence Legend alnicos. If you are looking for original Celestion speakers, I set them aside for safekeeping. Should you find yourself looking for a set of original speakers…
  11. crosstownblues

    Custom shop R5….NGD

    I have two R4s at present. My avatar is the 2006 R4, plus I recently acquired a 2022 R4. Both necks are similar. I have a 2010 R5 with a ‘burst and buckers’ and the neck is quite different in shape. It has a fairly deep neck with small shoulders and rolled fretboard edges.
  12. crosstownblues

    Custom shop R5….NGD

    Wondering how the neck compares to the 2010 HotMod R5… Does it have that lovely V?
  13. crosstownblues

    Wolfetone's Whopping 25% Off Sale Until Further Notice

    They were just what I wanted. The A2 magnets delivered a less strident tone and make the guitar that much more enjoyable to play. Highly recommend!
  14. crosstownblues

    Jerry Garcia’s Bassman For Sale

    One certainly would not spend that amount of coin just to play it…
  15. crosstownblues

    Let's See Your Favorite Les Paul in 2022!

    This 2022 R4 is my current #1. Not only is it a Goldtop, not only is it a wraptail, it's got p90s! Another bonus is that it’s 8.01 lbs, before removing the switch cover medallion.
  16. crosstownblues

    Wanting an R4 with p90s? NGD! NPD!

    New pickups for the R4! Due to the routing, the location of the solder lug had to be moved to the same location as the Gibson p90. Despite the ‘aged’ on the sticker, the pickup and did not appear to be aged. The Gibson pickups were about the same (7.84k vs 7.72k), which was probably period...
  17. crosstownblues

    Ordering a CS Les Paul Junior...

    While that may have been true at some point, I don’t think that is currently the case. The p90s in my 2022 R4 are different that what I’ve seen in USA production models. One big change in the “custom soapbar” p90s is the use of a nickel silver baseplate: For example, here is one from the R4...
  18. crosstownblues

    Unusual pedal order situation - anyone else have similar observations????

    Secret Preamp likes to be last in the chain…
  19. crosstownblues

    Should I send my 2003 R9 Braz to HM for standard makeover?

    The ‘96 will have the wide binding on the neck as well as rounded inlays. I’d go Deluxe package on that one and leave the Brazilian ‘03 alone to maximize its long term value. The ‘96 is never going to command top dollar, and it can be made into a stellar guitar without losing value, which the...

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