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  1. bryvincent

    Removed humbucker screws and LOVE IT!!!

    Try the Dimarzio Bluesbucker. Works on a similar principle
  2. bryvincent

    Is there a Slash LPC Sig model ?

    But how come there's a Slash Firebird?
  3. bryvincent

    Hot pickups for Les Paul

    Dimarzio Super Distortion (bridge) / PAF (neck) EMG 81 / 85 Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz( or '59)
  4. bryvincent

    Unwanted stains on a Gibson LP Classic

    Whats that dark cloth thingy on the case?
  5. bryvincent

    LP Standard Vs Traditional

    The difference from the last year of the Traditional to the new 50s standard are the thinner neck binding, headstock shape and neck profile
  6. bryvincent

    Does Gibson Currently Make a New Classic?

    The Gibson Johnny A model could be a classic in the future specially if a big name in the future would use one.
  7. bryvincent

    2019-2021 LP Standard 50s muddy neck pickup. Please help

    The stock tailpiece is already aluminum.
  8. bryvincent

    Stolen Les paul

    In the early 2000s, on the official Gibson forums, you can give your serial number to the moderator(or maybe that was the admin) and he can give some info on the guitar- model, color and where it was shipped.
  9. bryvincent

    Reissues - why all Alnico III?

    Its interesting Gibson has different pups for the 50s and 60s Standards on the USA line. A2 BBs on the 50s and A5 BB61s on the 60s.
  10. bryvincent

    Is this a One piece back or not?

    And nobody seem to mind the 2-piece top
  11. bryvincent

    Les Paul hum

    Theres nothing wrong with the guitar. Its normal. Theres a reason why the ground is connected to the bridge and into the strings. Turn down the volume knob when you're not touching the strings or get a noise gate pedal.
  12. bryvincent

    Anybody have a recent Heritage Cherry Sunburst LP Standard pic to share? clown or nah?

    2019 Standard 50s with pup covers and pg removed.
  13. bryvincent

    discolouration on fretboard binding from stupidity

    The binding by the cutaway on my '19 50s Standard got discolored by my pants when playing sitting down. I don't mind it at all. Its just part of owning a nitro finished guitar.
  14. bryvincent

    What collectible Les Paul should I buy now?

    a cs reissue with a brazilian board is your best bet i think.
  15. bryvincent

    Fake 1987 LPC on Reverb?

    Some 1987 ones including the one i owned had those pup routings. Here's another '87 with that pup rout:
  16. bryvincent

    Fake 1987 LPC on Reverb?

    That's a legit '87 LPC. I used to own one.
  17. bryvincent

    Where are the Artists?

    another Greeny maybe??
  18. bryvincent

    Rick Nielsen: The Collection on Gibson TV

    the top alone is suspicious. vintage bursts never have quilt tops

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