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  1. tourettes2400

    Slash collection LPs

    I am glad that Gibson is finally offering a left handed option on these. I would have purchased a few of the first couple they did together, especially the Appetite if a lefty would have been available.
  2. tourettes2400

    Another Slash Signature Model 58', Greenburst and a Slash Firebird 2017

    Gibson Custom Shop tweeted this yesterday. Gibson has all the info up on their website
  3. tourettes2400

    Studio, Of 3 which to choose?

    I have a 08 studio with a 60s neck and love it. There is no wrong answer, just go with the one you like.
  4. tourettes2400

    For The Slash Fans Out There

    Very noce looking guitar but they Gibson can keep it for those prices.
  5. tourettes2400

    Sam Ash is blowing out 2015 Gibsons

    As usual, not really anything for the lefties. If there was, I missed it.
  6. tourettes2400

    Online order - Keep or Return? Need advice

    I would play it and if you don't like it send it back. Don't throw away that money on something you don't want
  7. tourettes2400

    Got my GNR tickets

    Me too got 3 pit2 tickets and 2 in 113. Long story but I will be there to see my hero :slash: for the 1st time. Hopefully Axl's foot is healed.
  8. tourettes2400

    TOOL Appreciation Thread

    Seeing them on the 23rd here in Nashville. I can not wait!
  9. tourettes2400

    Grammy / NARAS members here? For your consideration...

    That is very cool John! Congrats! I am going to check it out tomorrow while I am at work. Very cool honor to even be nominated.
  10. tourettes2400

    New 2016 Day

    Congrats! Looks good
  11. tourettes2400

    gibson brands 2.1 billion in revenue 2014

    It is a shame what Henry has been doing to this company the last few years, but I guess it is what he feels needs to be done to survive. Gibson changes tune: Electronics before guitars
  12. tourettes2400

    Ok Tony, I am sold!!

    I really like how they are charging more for a left handed version of the guitar but Mr. Iommi is left handed. And no case? That is crap
  13. tourettes2400

    Les Paul Big Sound Experience Summer Namm

    They had 6 to 8 audio stations set up with different things playing audio and video. Some of Les playing in black and white. They also had 3 screens with different guitars set up and you could click on it, listen to the sound of each instrument and virtually spin it around. It gave you all...
  14. tourettes2400

    Les Paul Big Sound Experience Summer Namm

    Just wondering if anyone has got to have a look at this yet? I saw it yesterday at NAMM and it was pretty cool. I looked it up and it will be on tour to diferent states. Here are the dates and a little more info if you are interested.I also have some pics that I took with my cell phone that I...
  15. tourettes2400

    NGD - Dave Grohl ES-335

    Glad you got what you paid for. That's a beautiful guitar. Did they still have #1 and 2 there? When I was there in December they had them there to purchase. I saw #2 before I went on my tour. Figured someone probably bought them by now.
  16. tourettes2400

    Did I find a bargain at GC?

    Cool pickup!
  17. tourettes2400

    Where are all the year end deals?!?!

    If anyone is interested in a Gibson Classic Sam Ash has some for $1799 Gibson 2014 Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar | SamAsh
  18. tourettes2400

    Has Anyone Traded With Guitar Center?

    A few years back I took a mint Fender Jagstang in just to see what they would give me and they they told me they would give me $75-$125 best offer.I told them to go **** themselves and sold it on Ebay for $720 after shipping and Ebay fees.
  19. tourettes2400

    Gibson finally doing another run of the Dave Grohl 335's

    I would think it would be worth a try. I would call Gibson Memphis. While I was in there a kid came in from the hotel across the street and ordered a Les Paul Supreme seafoam green. So you might be able to just call and place a direct order. They are open 12pm-4pm today here is the # (901)...

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