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  1. agejaded

    Tuning stability issues

    If you had a guitar tech/luthier install the nut, can you take it back and explain that it’s not staying in tune and have them sort the nut?
  2. agejaded

    Headstock face chip repair

    Thanks for the link, I’d bookmarked Stewmac’s online resources before I went to work today :)
  3. agejaded

    Headstock face chip repair

    Hi there, can you advise on repairing a chip on my headstock? No wood damage just the lacquer. Black nail varnish then clear coat/CA glue or just use Black CA glue? I’m not expecting it to be invisible, just less obvious.
  4. agejaded

    First Les Paul, Case Recommendations?

    Just get the SKB, they are quality cases and it meets your needs of carrying it on your bike.
  5. agejaded

    Is this an neck joint issue ?

    I hope you aren’t being serious?
  6. agejaded

    Finish Crack LPC Headstock

    Does it affect the tone or playability?
  7. agejaded

    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    They haven’t, worst ‘lock’ I’ve ever tried
  8. agejaded

    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    I’ve used Schallers since 1983, the button is made of soft brass so I widened the hole to accommodate the original guitar screws. I’m now putting the original buttons back and buying these...
  9. agejaded

    Gibson Custom Pick

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Does anyone know where I can buy Gibson Custom picks? I got one with my R9 and I really like the size, it’s slightly smaller than the 351 shape.
  10. agejaded

    Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 QC Issue

    You haven’t mentioned how it plays? I bought an R9 secondhand, paid £3000 for it in 2008 and it’s full of little flaws. Binding bleed, poorly scraped binding on the fingerboard, it marks easily, the neck gets sticky etc At first I was bothered by them, but the more I played it, the more I...
  11. agejaded

    What String Gauge and Type Do You Use?

    This is a bit long, but interesting:
  12. agejaded

    Worst Concert You've Ever Seen ...?

    Came across this thread again and remembered three terrible Gigs I saw at the Edinburgh Playhouse: Eric Clapton on the Money and Cigarettes Tour, it was more Money for Old Rope. Just a man going through the motions. Elvis Costello on The Joker tour, I didn’t realise it was an acoustic album he...
  13. agejaded

    Overheard in a Guitar shop today

    I was in Guitarguitar Edinburgh today, saw two teenage girls together and one was holding a guitar up like she was going to play it and said to her friend "there are no mirrors in here". I had to turn away in case I laughed out loud! Then I got to thinking they were probably nearer the truth...
  14. agejaded

    Gibson LPJ and Studio vs High End Epiphones

    If you are worried about resale value then buy used, you are much more likely to get your money back. My advice is if you want a Gibson - buy a Gibson :)
  15. agejaded

    BILL LAWRENCE L90 H6 neck H8 bridge

    He doesn't make the L90XL ... whatever he is making now is a copy. :)
  16. agejaded

    Greco Super Real EGF 1200 in Worcester, England

    Thanks for replying Mark. Has anyone ever seen a super real with a brass nut? I remember they were all the rage in the eighties to add 'sustain'.
  17. agejaded

    Greco Super Real EGF 1200 in Worcester, England

    Did it have the brass nut when you sold it?
  18. agejaded

    Lots of People Looking For/At Low Wattage Amps!

    I bought these just after I bought my R9. I'm still amazed by how good they sound.
  19. agejaded

    Asdains DIY Single Ended Amp Build

    It's you. Hovver on the pop up pic and you get a taskbar appearing at the top - then click on the Zoom in and it enlarges the pic. Job done!
  20. agejaded

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    You flamed the man on a public forum and he has gone the extra mile and sent you three sets now to exactly where you asked, yet I can't see any apologies. Be a man and admit you were out of line ...

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