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  1. noslen1968

    Marshall Class 5 Simple In / Out

    Getting the connection under the existing jack was a bear - be careful as you can see I bent a resistor connection. DIY at your own risk - this is not a complete 'how-to'. You can see the actual speaker connections remain unchanged.
  2. noslen1968

    Marshall Class 5 Simple In / Out

    I finally got around to modding my Class 5 to accept an attenuator - a Weber Mass. Taking advantage of the External Speaker Out jack and adding another jack (just to the right of the existing jack) that becomes the input for the internal speaker which takes a secondary red lead to the speaker...
  3. noslen1968

    Nixie Tubes

    Saw this cool use of tubes to display numbers:
  4. noslen1968

    The maturation of style. Would Jimi have improved as much as Carlos?

    Check out the preview of Santana's upcoming covers album - I was decidedly underwhelmed:
  5. noslen1968

    2 vs 4 conductor

    Nice to have the options of a four-wire - I really want to do the 'Jimmy Page' on an SG - like this guy: YouTube - Gibson SG Firebrand push/pull split pick-ups
  6. noslen1968


    Here are some shallow depth of field pics - taken on a D90 with a 85mm f1.4 at f1.4 at an antique store in Seoul (yes, I antique...) -
  7. noslen1968


    I love infrared - with the trusty K1000. Here are a couple IRs from back when -
  8. noslen1968

    Why do tremolo cavity covers have vent holes?

    I wish they made the hole bigger, because if you set the bridge down 'hard' (instead of floating it) it is out of alignment and a pain to change strings without removing it. As far as tone without one goes - really? I can't hear a difference, but that is not saying much. I just reasoned that...
  9. noslen1968

    Marshall Class 5 Attenuator Mod

    I just got one of these great amps, and it is fantastically loud - too loud for my apartment. I want to attach a Weber Mass I have, and here are two ideas I would like given a once-over as I am no technician: Most simple: cut the existing speaker wire, attach a 1/4 inch female standard plug...
  10. noslen1968

    Want a little tube amp for appartment

    I have an Egnater 20 watt that goes down to 1 watt and that is still too loud for my apartment (1 watt is like someone yelling) - so an attenuator really is needed in an apartment situation even for a 1 watt amplike mine of even the Zvex.
  11. noslen1968

    380 demos by J. McCoy / Fatback

    Maybe old news, but if your a pedal voyeur, check out the "More from user" tab and it will lead to the 380 demos: Lovepedal - 22 (dimed)
  12. noslen1968

    Peterson Strobostomp

    I am really wanting too also - got rid of the Pitchblack+ and am using a clip-on now, but I can hear the difference but can't get there w/o help. I am curious about the other version, the one that also has the microphone - would be cool for an acoustic and seems to have more flexibility.
  13. noslen1968

    Giving up soda and living better.

    I have quit and restarted so many times - findin' it tough though. I know for a fact it is the worst thing I injest by far... Been on apple juice as a replacement for a few days now, but the weekend and pizza is coming...
  14. noslen1968

    Love Pedal Mini Line

    some more on the Pickle YouTube - Lovepedal Pickle Vibe and Kanji Eternity
  15. noslen1968

    Love Pedal Mini Line

    Shows the dynamic modulation YouTube - echo baby repeats
  16. noslen1968

    Love Pedal Mini Line

    Great read - I learned a lot. It says the buffer can be put at the beginning or end - which is best? What is the difference between a buffer and a clean boost pedal? Thanks for the article.
  17. noslen1968

    Love Pedal Mini Line

    What does a buffer do? - noise gate? - compression?
  18. noslen1968

    Delay pedals

    I like my Carbon Copy - nice and small with simple controls. if that appeals to you, the new Lovepedal Mini EchoBaby might bounce your G-string -
  19. noslen1968

    Love Pedal Mini Line

    I don't like a lot of knobs and these are nice and small too. I like them, and hope for more of an in-depth review to see how they sound at different settings.
  20. noslen1968

    Peterson Strobostomp

    iPhone Strobostomp app There was a better video I watched a couple weeks ago of this, but I can't find it anymore... YouTube - iPhone Strobosoft app Also for the iPod Touch And for your PC or Mac...

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