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  1. rockmonkey

    BYOC promo

    the extras always take more time than actually putting something together. When I built the confidence boost it took 2 or 3 min to mount and solder everything to the board but I spent more time mouthing everything into an enclosure than I spent on the rest of if. 5 Min for the whole thing is...
  2. rockmonkey

    BYOC promo

    that would probably be ok but I can't say from personal experience. The rule of thumb is to keep the temp as low as you can and still melt the solder.
  3. rockmonkey

    BYOC Reverb

    I got my BYOC reverb in the post this monday and thought I'd post my thoughts. The build... It was very easy to assemble. Instructions are good but you don't really need them because every part value is listed on the board so you know exactly how to put it together without looking at...
  4. rockmonkey

    Desert Island pedal board

    Budwah Flip TC-X compressor Modded Russian Big Muff Tube screamer clone Roland amp factory (it's digital but there are a couple very nice setting on it) I then run into one of my Princeton style amps wich covers modulation and reverb.
  5. rockmonkey

    Rolling my own

    It takes a while to get the hang of things. Most people I know using this type of rig will spend around 8hrs on their 1st pickup. There is a lot of wire breakage as you get the hang of things. This is where a drill press and a felt tensioner can come in handy. The inconsistent speed of the...
  6. rockmonkey

    Rolling my own

    That makes a lot more sense :):thumb: That'll do pig. Sorry I just watched babe with the kids and it had to be said ;) That is pretty much the rig stewmatch gives you instructions for and will work for a couple pickups. You might want to think about some sort of guidance system just...
  7. rockmonkey

    Rolling my own

    You wont get 20,000 turns of 42awg wire on there. If you are lucky you might manage 11,000 turns but because this is your 1st pickup you probably won't have the tension and scatter consistent enough to fit that many turns of wire on. With 42awg wire just wind it till its full and that will be...
  8. rockmonkey

    12AX7 comparison 5 different models

    Yeah, the difference is small but with the right equipment it's still noticeable. When I 1st listened through my laptop speakers I couldn't hear a difference at all but through my JBL studio monitors it's pretty noticeable. The JJ's are a fair bit darker and the Tung Sol had the strongest top...
  9. rockmonkey

    What is your favorite guitar pedal brand?

    cmatmods. His stuff is absolutely amazing and chad is a great guy to work with.
  10. rockmonkey

    BYOC promo

    ^what type of paint do you use? All the painting I've ever done has been on guitars with lacquer or shellac so it really isn't painting at all. I planned on using the same types of spray paint that you would use to paint a car but don't know what to using to paint graphics.
  11. rockmonkey

    12AX7 comparison 5 different models

    This isn't my soundclip but it was emailed to me and I was given permission to put it on my site so I thought I'd post a link here. This is a JB bridge and a Marshall vs100 in the fx loop, so it isn't anything close to stock sound but all...
  12. rockmonkey

    Help!! Alnico vs ceramic, speakers

    1st I'd like to point out that modern alnico speakers don't sound like vintage ones. Modern alnico magnets are produced in a different way and have been made to hold their magnetic charge better than vintage alnicio. The compressed sound from an alnico speaker comes, partially, from the alnico...
  13. rockmonkey

    Help. Please!

    A lot of video and audio editing software will let you sync video and audio that were recorded separately. If your camera doesn't have a way to plug a mic into it then I can't think of any way to do it other than record them separately and sync them up on a computer.
  14. rockmonkey

    String gauges...

    I use 11's on my RG but I had to modify the Edge pro bridge so that it could take 2 more springs. Under normal circumstances the RG can't handle anything larger than 10's. There are a few exceptions like when it's brand new and the springs are still tight or if you are using low tension...
  15. rockmonkey

    Suddenly, my LP is lacking tone?!

    Different guitars like different strings. Most of my guitars sound horrible with elixier's but some sound great. You never know until you try them. Just because they are expensive or "quality" doesn't mean they are going to sound good on your guitar.
  16. rockmonkey

    Suddenly, my LP is lacking tone?!

    Thats what I was thinking.
  17. rockmonkey

    Regular vs. F-Spaced

    Exactly. I for one don't offer F spaced pickups simply because the wider spacing of the poles changes the shape of the pickups coil and therefore changes the tone and typically makes it darker. The Super Distortion is one of the very few pickups I've heard that didn't have much of a change...
  18. rockmonkey

    I need a compressor, advice please

    If you are after squish I really like the 4 knob ross clone by cmatmods.
  19. rockmonkey

    Most Usefull Effect

    ^I agree. I rarely use any FX but when I do use them its usually one of my compressors.
  20. rockmonkey

    BYOC promo

    Unless you spend a lot of time soldering there is nothing to worry about with lead. I only use silver solder because I'm required to by law. If you are using lead solder you want a cooler iron than if you use silver. The flux in the solder burns and cleans the surface you are soldering to and...

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