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  1. paul les

    Les Paul funnies.

    haha!! that is funny
  2. paul les

    2009 inlays...

    shes a beauty!! and inlays look nice
  3. paul les

    How do you guys do it?

    haha! yea the wife does have a lot to do with it
  4. paul les

    Flamed Necks?

    omg! Orgasm!
  5. paul les

    what is period correct bridge for '76 LP Custom?

    dude im too jealous!
  6. paul les

    Baby on her way

    shes a beauty! congrats!
  7. paul les

    1958 or 1960

    Totally agree!!
  8. paul les

    scale length question

    well i kinda understand the neck part! my 98 les paul has a slightly smaller nmeck frofile than my 2006 standard. the rest beats me!!!
  9. paul les

    My new R4

    nice man!! those p90s are amazing i bet! gongrats
  10. paul les

    New Randy Rhoads custom shop guitar is a done deal

    thanks for the info!! and wether its true or not theres really no need for it!
  11. paul les

    Traditional or standard?

    keep em coming guys!!
  12. paul les

    Traditional or standard?

    :slash:There is honestly a million of these here but just give me your take on it anways:slash: In my opinion traditional woops standards ass than makes it bend over! VS
  13. paul les

    Les Paul: 1915 - 2009

    the man himself! Rest In Peace my friend
  14. paul les

    What strings do you like on your reissues?

    power slinkys!!!!!! 11-48 hold there value!! ASK SLASH
  15. paul les

    Les Paul necks

    i know exactly what your talking about!!!! dude my epiphone les paul limited addition has the same problem!!! COPY GUITARS DONT HOLD VALUE!!!!! just buy a traditional best lespaul ive ever played!
  16. paul les

    Can anyone make any sense out of this?

    the most i would spend on an aged murphy is $10,000.. if i even had that much!! it is a little suspishious tho.
  17. paul les

    Article: The 7 most iconic Les Paul players of all time

    clapton should be last on that list!

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