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  1. Smash88

    56 LP Special

  2. Smash88

    59 TV Special advice

    Thanks gents for all the input but it appears a deal will not be reached as the asking price is quite high. For the record the repair is well done but ugly. I'll have to keep lookin.
  3. Smash88

    59 TV Special advice

    Yes the headstock looks normal it must just be from the lighting.
  4. Smash88

    59 TV Special advice

    Need some expert advice, been gassin for a 59 JR or Special TV. Found one that has a neck repair (neck was broken off at heel) the guit seems to be all original with the exception of the tuners. What's a good price for this guit?
  5. Smash88

    Newly Acquired 1981 Standard Natural

    Stellar......great find
  6. Smash88

    Let's talk about Vintage Melody Makers...

    Vintage MM's are great guits and still affordable. This is a 59 that was found with nothing on it and put back together with a P90 by Dominick Ramos sometime in the 80's.
  7. Smash88

    Iommi and a new Monkey?

    damn it.... how do you get the vid to show up in the post?
  8. Smash88

    Iommi and a new Monkey?

    This is not the original which is (i think) in the hard rock cafe. But didn't I read somewhere on this site that someone here built a replica from a 60's SG special. Is that this guit? If so well fukkin done! Black Sabbath - End of the Beginning - YouTube
  9. Smash88

    Circuits To Cure Cancer

    Very cool....
  10. Smash88

    Vox wah

  11. Smash88

    Sound of the Shaws

    Very cool
  12. Smash88

    83 custom

    Killer guit! My 84 335 still has the sticker on it. The are great pups
  13. Smash88

    Things you keep in your case

    There always seems to be a lot of beer caps in all my cases
  14. Smash88

    For you metal guy/hard rock guys, les paul of choice?

    Pretty much any LP is more than capable of handlin Metal or Hard Rock. The only mod for that genre seems to be higher output pups. But as always get out there and play as many guits as possible and wait for the right one to find you.....good luck
  15. Smash88

    Some Byrdland help

    Been thinkin bout gettin one these for a long time. What do you guys think is a fair price for this guit? 1978 Gibson Byrdland Black > Guitars : Electric Semi-Hollow Body - AxeShop Inc. |
  16. Smash88

    Phil X demos a 25/50....

    Yeah its a killer sounding head. Also how do you embed a vid?
  17. Smash88

    Phil X demos a 25/50....

    PHIL X RETURNS 2013! Les Paul Custom 25-50 Anniversary 01510 - YouTube
  18. Smash88

    Case question

    What case would've come with a 60's SG Standard? Is there any way to tell the difference from a 70's case, maybe by shape or interior color?
  19. Smash88

    9 0911 What happened to this poor girl? Anybody know?

    Looks killer, bet it plays like a can't buy that kinda mojo

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