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  1. dantahoua

    Phaez Sunset 22 amp (aka simplified Bogner XTC 101b)

    Hello there. I think there is a lot of Phaez amp users on this forum... So I thought I could post my quick demo of the Plexi channel of my Phaez Sunset amp. It's a 22w 6V6 two channel amp. I wanted a simpler Bogner Xtc 101b (I have one), that I can carry without breaking my back and with a more...
  2. dantahoua

    Less Tall DC Junior Octave Guitar (a.k.a. Jr. Junior!)

    So, so nice! I really love it! Would like to have one or two in my collection! My daughter would be happy and me more!!
  3. dantahoua

    FS: Les Paul Custom 1979, all original

    Finally sold to a great guy in Halifax! Thanks!
  4. dantahoua


    Hello! Beautiful guitar, a lot of 60's mojo in that! I'm in the process of making an hollow body, more a 335 style body, but I don't know where to find wood for laminating the top and back. I suppose I have to find some thin layer of wood to match the mold. Have you some information? Have you...
  5. dantahoua

    FS: Les Paul Custom 1979, all original

    Still have it... 2100 + shipping OR I'm looking for a National resonator guitar or something equivalent for trade...
  6. dantahoua

    Want to buy/searching for thread

    I found one, thanks
  7. dantahoua

    FS: Les Paul Custom 1979, all original

    Near Christmass bump...
  8. dantahoua

    WTB: Fender Silverface Princeton Reverb

    I finally found one! Thanks! A 1968 one! Great amp but need a cap job...
  9. dantahoua

    Problem with Tone control

    Finally, here is my update! All my technical reading were good. I finally receive my long shaft 250K audio pot. And guess what? It's perfect! I even mod the neck tone pot to be a no load, so my neck pu is more open when I don't use the tone. For the bridge pu, the tone pot is 273k and is perfect...
  10. dantahoua

    Are Norlin that bad ??

    I have a 1979 Les Paul Custom to sell. Great guitar, worn but sounds great and all original. My mother live in France (In fact I'm French living in Canada), so if you want it, maybe we can find a way. Thanks.
  11. dantahoua


    Hello! Do you have some picture of the laminating process? How do you make it ? I'm really looking fo a way to make some laminated top and back for my guitar like a 335... Also where can I find wood to be laminated (I suppose each wood sheet would be very thin to match the mold?). Beautiful...
  12. dantahoua

    Heavy Norlin Artisan

    I also still want one but with only 2 pickups... I know there is some around... Maybe one day!
  13. dantahoua

    Norlin count.

    124 + 2 = 126 -Les Paul Custom 25/50 1978 (number 79) -Worn Les Paul Custom 1979 Tobacco Burst (still on sale) We just count Les Paul, but there is also the 347, 335 and all other great Electric...
  14. dantahoua

    WTB: Fender Silverface Princeton Reverb

    I'm looking for a Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface. If you find one at a good price or have one to sell, I'm interested! Prefer the no- pull/boost model (pre 1978). Please PM me or send me email to " dantahoua AT hotmail DOT com " Thanks!
  15. dantahoua

    Problem with Tone control

    I already protect the lead... But with all my test, I'm now sure that a 250k Audio pot is the solution. Why it's working sometimes with 500k, probably depend on the pickup output and the taper of the pot. All the audio pots I tested never have exactly the same taper, and sometimes it is very...
  16. dantahoua

    Problem with Tone control

    Ok, I made some test, and it seems, a 250K audio taper pot does a pretty good job (and if I use my ohmmeter, I see that the pot works a lot in the usable range (150k-0k)). I'll try to order some long shaft 250k pot.

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