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  1. tazzboy

    Joey Dego Was Here.

  2. tazzboy

    Joey Dego Was Here.

    You can contact him on Facebook and or Instagram since he started up gigging again.
  3. tazzboy

    What's Changed At Facebook?

    A lot of trolling and hating is why some people have had to put those type of accounts on private.
  4. tazzboy

    Anyone had issues with Metropoulos Amplification?

    George has had some delays on getting transformers
  5. tazzboy

    NAD - Metropoulos Metroplex

    Great amplifier
  6. tazzboy

    Guitar cable?

    Analysis-Plus Black Oval Cables is what i have been using for the past few years.
  7. tazzboy

    Keyboard Piano recommendations

    I'm looking to get the Korg D1. I don't want too much bells and whistles.
  8. tazzboy

    So, if Guitar Center does file for bankruptcy............
  9. tazzboy

    So, if Guitar Center does file for bankruptcy............

    The word is Possible. I take these words with a bit of grain of salt until I hear directly from the company's mouth that they are indeed filing for whichever Chapter of Bankruptcy they choose to go with.
  10. tazzboy

    String gauge

    I am giving the Jimi Hendrix 10-38 set a try to see if I like it or not.
  11. tazzboy

    When Sears sold their brand made by others.

    Ever since Eddie Lampert took over as President and CEO of Sears/Kmart in 2013 it's been all downhill since then.
  12. tazzboy

    New here from Oregon

  13. tazzboy

    Whatever happened to River?

    Yeah I remember that whole thing with River and Daniel and Yes Daniel was a true POS for what he did to his stepdaughter.
  14. tazzboy

    Johnny Nash gone, too

  15. tazzboy

    Whatever happened to River?

    He mostly post on facebook
  16. tazzboy

    EVH dead at 65

  17. tazzboy

    I don't love my Pyramids.

    DR Pure Blues are ok, but sometimes you can set that doesn't intonated properly. Try Curt Mangan strings they are good.
  18. tazzboy

    You can buy only one guitar, 1999 classic or 2004 standard, same money both heritage cherry burst.

    Have you had a chance to play both of them and if so which one do you like?
  19. tazzboy

    kill it with fire, or how cack handed soldering

    That's good idea. If you ask me.
  20. tazzboy

    NGD Traditional

    Very nice looking LP

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