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  1. batch1928_44

    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    Just posting another pic since I put the pickup covers back on.
  2. batch1928_44

    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    Here's my '96 Standard. Got her new & still love her all these years later!
  3. batch1928_44

    This one is the one

    She's beautiful!
  4. batch1928_44

    I've come full circle (Les Paul Deuxe content)

    Man, that's sweet!
  5. batch1928_44

    Whats your favorite guitar you own

  6. batch1928_44

    '82 Metallic Red LP Standard

    Beautiful guitar! :thumb:
  7. batch1928_44

    Whats with this forum?

    This place is indeed a fantastic resource! I found it from frequent Google searches about Les Pauls; it was usually the first search result on the list. I finally signed up, lurked for a while, and then started posting.
  8. batch1928_44

    LOL, NGD!! #2 worn cherry studio!!

    Love that finish! :thumb:
  9. batch1928_44

    Can I raise my pickguard?

    Yeah, don't do like I did years ago when my LP was new. Cracked the pickguard from overtightening the screw! :eek:
  10. batch1928_44

    tuning machines alignment

    Yep, the one on the left is exactly how my '96 Standard is. I've gone back & forth between the stock Klusons and some Grovers over the years, and the Grovers drop right in without any reaming.
  11. batch1928_44

    New Member & a Photo of my LP Standard

    Thanks, everybody! :dude:
  12. batch1928_44

    Happy Birthday Jimmy Page!!

    An absolute legend!!
  13. batch1928_44

    Whats your favorite guitar you own

    I don't know if it's just the lighting, but that LP has got to be the most beautiful one I've ever seen! :wow:
  14. batch1928_44

    Whats your favorite guitar you own

    Probably my '96 LP Standard, although my '97 Martin D-35 and my '12 Precision Bass vintage reissue are right up there with it!
  15. batch1928_44

    NGD - Ebony Standard

    Bee-utiful! I say keep the cream. Looks sexy as hell!
  16. batch1928_44

    Do all New Gibsons Smell like Brownies?

    My 17-year-old LP smells like teen spirit.
  17. batch1928_44

    The 2012 Deluxe Gold Top I Returned go Returned?

    It should gently weep!
  18. batch1928_44

    Happy Birfday Mr Page

    Happy birthday, Jimmy! :dude: Zeppelin is my all-time favorite band. I think Jimmy looks better now at 69 than he ever did!
  19. batch1928_44

    I challenge you to find a better shop window.

    The red one on the left...mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

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