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  1. acloudofhaze

    Questions about grain filling and mahogany...

    Thanks for the help! Think I know what to do now...
  2. acloudofhaze

    Questions about grain filling and mahogany...

    Hey MLP! In about a month or so, I'll be building another V from a kit that I recently bought. Here's the rough look I'm going for: I have a couple of questions though... Firstly, I was hoping for a somewhat translucent top, where the grain would still be somewhat visible (kind of...
  3. acloudofhaze

    New! for 2014!

    It always takes me a while to get used to new designs, but this just looks right, can't wait :thumb:
  4. acloudofhaze

    Flattop Les Paul build

    This Tru-oil stuff is mindblowing... :thumb:
  5. acloudofhaze

    Does hanging guitar by headstock affect the neck?

    More interested in whether or not it would affect the notoriously weak headstock angle...?
  6. acloudofhaze

    Modding a tailpiece from 82mm post spacing to 80mm

    I guess since its the tailpiece and not the bridge it won't matter as much, but I wouldn't do it, just plug and redrill man, I smell problems...
  7. acloudofhaze

    Custom Made Les Paul Junior

    That's a nice burst... Better put something under the neck though, I'd hate to see the headstock snap off
  8. acloudofhaze

    Guitar Fetish Explorer Kit Build

    Depends on how many coats of oil you've got on there... I wouldn't bother with the poly if you've got enough coats and you like the feel of it - oil finishes always feel nicer anyways
  9. acloudofhaze

    Pine Explorer

    I think this guy likes explorers
  10. acloudofhaze

    Explorer - another kit build

    Please don't leave this for another year
  11. acloudofhaze

    LP special Build

    I love walnut!:)
  12. acloudofhaze

    Guitar Fetish Explorer Kit Build

    Can't wait to see how this one turns out!
  13. acloudofhaze

    Handtool build #2 - ESP/LTD-ish

    This is great stuff man I'm keeping an eye on this one
  14. acloudofhaze

    Bass Build - PJ style - Walnut body

    Very nice work man, and I agree sully's a wiz :thumb:
  15. acloudofhaze

    Violin maker's Les Paul

    Very very nice :thumb:
  16. acloudofhaze

    Guitar Fetish Explorer Kit Build

    Just as I was eyeing this kit! Subbed! Any idea how you'll finish it?
  17. acloudofhaze

    LP Special DC build

    Man hate to necropost but please still be alive and continue the build :)
  18. acloudofhaze

    58' style Flying V First Build

    The shape of the truss rod cover was bugging me very much, so I threw it away and started again. Just a scrap piece from a broken pickguard Rough shaping... Here they are. Sanded the edges smooth, and the surface to 150 grit. This is how I do my logos (I've redone the...
  19. acloudofhaze

    Making a bowl

    Too cool :dude:
  20. acloudofhaze

    Project -Taking down a Satellite

    Very nice can't wait to see how this turns out. Pity you're gonna cover it all up with a solid colour, looks kinda nice natural, but I guess that patch-up would be hard to hide...

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