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  1. 1958 korina 1

    1958 korina 1

  2. 1961 reissue

    1961 reissue

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  5. 1958 korina 1

    1958 korina 1

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  7. 1960


  8. 1957


  9. firebird94

    Solid Color Guitar Contest(#2)

    for the love of god... don't fucking quote a person's picture just comment on what they said you dont have to take up half a page for nothing... i'm not trying to tell you what to do but read the god damned rules...
  10. firebird94

    Burst Contest Winners

    haha nice picture morphine
  11. firebird94

    Solid Color Guitar Contest(#2)

    Hey i love that red ric man, and that 3 pu sg, did you mod it or did it come this way, help support more contests by joining ledlovers group Guitar contest official group.This will help make more contests and you can give us your feedback. help support us so we can make our own contest section...
  12. the beatles   butcher cover

    the beatles butcher cover

  13. the beatles

    the beatles

  14. The Beatles

    The Beatles

  15. firebird94

    Burst Contest Winners

    yeah the winners aren't that strict....its pretty much what struck my eye at the time. but those are really nice too
  16. firebird94

    Best dollar ever spent

    best dollar i spent was the one i gave to some hobo only to see him again in a nearby 7-11 using my dollar to buy cigarettes
  17. firebird94

    Solid Color Guitar Contest(#2)

    just so you all know, the top 5 should be chosen either tomorrow or wednesday. once again, my guitar won't even be considered i just added it for fun. zakk attack, yeah that counts too. all these awesome guitars are making me jealous
  18. Guitar Contest Winners

    Guitar Contest Winners

  19. firebird94

    Solid Color Guitar Contest(#2)

    sweet guitars so far. by the way, i met les paul. he pretty angrily refused to sign my t-shirt so i got nicki parrott to sign it.
  20. firebird94

    Fake LP on ebay

    what a shame those boys should do more reseach before bidding.

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