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  1. Tac

    Are there Les Paul guys, and Strat guys?

    I love and play both, I dont favor one over the other. I guess it just depends on the tunes im going to be playing. For some reason though, I never really hooked up with a Tele that Tripped my Trigger though for some reason
  2. Tac

    Gibson Customer Appreciation Night at HOG

    i havent been to the HOG in about 3 years, Its a 2 hour drive from my place, That place has tons of stuff but to me its a huge mess lol
  3. Tac

    remember the plasmatics?

    i saw Wendy O and the plasmatics back in the 80"s at one of the local colleges in the Buffalo NY area, Around 86 or so i think it was, They opened up for Motorhead, Motorhead was pretty heavy. Wendy O had quite the RACK at the time, if you know what i mean, lol
  4. Tac

    None of my guitars are female.

  5. Tac

    lets see your pets with or without your guitar

    lol, i love this thread, Needless to say we are Critter lovers in our house, We have also been working with the local Animal rescue in our area for 23 years now, Great Critter pics everyone, he he
  6. Tac

    lets see your pets with or without your guitar

    Heres one of our critters , we also have a 120 gallon salt water reef tank and a lazy kitty as well
  7. Tac

    Roman Rist Work Horse { Tone Machine}

    Sweet, im really likeing that i was looking at one of his guitars , maybe even this one elsewhere on this site yesturday i think, nice rig for sure though
  8. Tac

    The Riff That Started It For You

    lol, i remember when that was aired on that show, seems like a another lifetime ago too, Thanks for the cool vid and the memory as well
  9. Tac

    The Riff That Started It For You

    Thats an awsome tune, i started learning that tune when trhe Ride The Lightning came out ( still my favorite Metallica LP )
  10. Tac

    The Riff That Started It For You

    Not sure if mine would be considered a riff or not, but its the very first part of the song "Last Child" by Aerosmith off the Rocks LP ( One of my favorite LP "s of all time )
  11. Tac

    How picky are you about guitars?

    As far as being Picky about my guitars, I guess i am when it comes to the Tone and Playability, I am not a Corksniffer type when it comes to a Finish Blem or something that dosent have to do with the Playability or tone of it, I have played some real wrecks as far as looks in guitars, But...
  12. Tac

    i just don't get the slash thing on here

    lmao, :laugh2: at least im not the only one then,
  13. Tac

    Non-gigging LP rigs

    Great rigs EVERYONE, I really love these threads, You guys have such an excellent varirty of cool gear, its great to sit back and check it out here, Thanks for the great rig sets everyone
  14. Tac

    i just don't get the slash thing on here

    Equal ?? lol Im not even going to WASTE my time on commenting on that statement, :laugh2: ohhhh, my head is starting to hurt again, lol :laugh2::io:
  15. Tac

    Martin Acoustic info ?

    Thanks for ALL of the replies to this thread folks, I cant tell you enough how much its appreciated, Also, Thanks to the owner , mods, and ALL the members here for making this site a pleasure and endless amount of info on it. Has anyone ever delt with or has any info on this place...
  16. Tac

    Martin Acoustic info ?

    Thats a shame because of the messed up fretboard, As far as im concerned, if it sounds and play sweet im pretty much sold, The little blems in the finish dosent bother me too awful much, The frettboard surely would though, I have played some pretty banged up guitars in my time and for the...
  17. Tac

    i just don't get the slash thing on here

    lol, ohhhh im getting another headache, :laugh2::laugh2::cool:
  18. Tac

    i just don't get the slash thing on here

    lol, and here we go again . he he
  19. Tac

    Non-gigging LP rigs

    Ahh yes, Now theres 2 of my favorite guitars on this site, No question about that, I love the Custom, and as you already should know Scozz, i love that Studio, big time, Thanks for the cool pics of your gear again
  20. Tac

    2nd Refishi job (LP Studio)

    What an amazing job, It looks Fantastic, After seeing it taken right down to the bare wood, i would love to see one done like that but left with the natural wood grain like the sanding pictures looked like in your thread, Very nice job indeed ! Thanks for all the Step by step pics you took...

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