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  1. Strongbad

    My !st Gibson Les Paul

  2. Strongbad

    My brand new Les Paul appears to be a 2006 model???

    I'll hope thats not the case Zack......I got the guitar from MF because I have a 20% discount voucher from them........ I'll give them one more chance......
  3. Strongbad

    My brand new Les Paul appears to be a 2006 model???

    I really gave it a good lookover - I am sending it back - the frets look really dulled (almost rusted) and the bridge is setup strange - the top side is set much higher than the bottom......I don't feel good about this at all...... Just got off the phone with Musicians Friends - they are...
  4. Strongbad

    My brand new Les Paul appears to be a 2006 model???

    I'll post pics in a bit, but I have a question. My Les Paul Std just came in from MusiciansFriend. It looks great! If I'm reading the serial number right, it appears to be a 2006 model. The serial number is 000560559. Am I interpreting it correctly? If it is a 2006 vs a current late...
  5. Strongbad

    Another hello from the Atlanta area

    My new guitar is coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! (my 1st LP)24 hours of hell waiting!!!! I'll post pics soon.....
  6. Strongbad

    New Member - W/ Pics

    nice! and welcome!
  7. Strongbad

    Do you, and how blatant, lie to your wife about the guitars?

    What a great thread.....I never lie to my wife - I do low ball the cost sometimes, but other times she surprises me. I've been telling her and the kids "I will have a Les Paul by my next major birthday" for years. A month ago, I got a 20% discount voucher from Musicians Friend. I also just...
  8. Strongbad

    What a rip!

    I did not intend my reply to be a 'personal attack' on anyone - I was just being sarcastic and agreeing with the author of the post. I apologize if I offended you - it was not intended....I'm new here, and don't want to get off on the wrong foot..... I do, however stand by my...
  9. Strongbad

    Think I can fix it?

    You do amazing work! Absolutely incredible....I just want to admire it from afar - with other people's guitars!
  10. Strongbad

    What was #1 on the day you were born?

    Damn - I'm old! #1 in the US - The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley #1 in the UK - All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers Holy crap!
  11. Strongbad

    rock 'n' roll tone

    I have the best of both worlds for you. I put this combo in my Ibanez artist - and its perfect. Seymour Duncan Alnico II in the neck - nice creamy Slash-like tones Seymour Duncan Custom custom in the bridge - its an overwound Alnico II - a little hotter! GREAT COMBO!!!!
  12. Strongbad

    What WAH?

    Dunlop Crybaby!
  13. Strongbad

    What a rip!

    The BFG is a cool guitar for $900. If you have $3500 to spend on one, please speak to me first ...I have a bridge in NYC for sale....and some beachfront property in Kansas.....
  14. Strongbad

    NEW: "other" Guitar Poll...

    This is my 'other' guitar.... Ibanez AR-250 - upraded PUPS with Seymour Duncan's - Alnico II and Custom Custom :slash:
  15. Strongbad

    my new les paul with ken lawrence headstock

    Honestly - I thought it was drop dead gorgeous until I saw the headstock. Nice guitar!
  16. Strongbad

    Hello from Atlanta

    Hey - I am also in the Atlanta area - in Dacula / Lawrenceville
  17. Strongbad

    new guy says hello!

    I'm new too - but I have 6 hours seniority! Welcome
  18. Strongbad

    What gauge strings do Gibby put on new LP's?

    I have a LP standard on order (just shipped today) - its my first LP - I was wondering if anyone knows what gauge strings are usually put on by Gibson? I play 10-46's on my other guitars. Thanks!
  19. Strongbad

    Do you practice standing up or sitting down?

    I do most practicing - learning new songs or technique sitting - but make sure I play standing as well, so it doesn't feel strange when I play out.
  20. Strongbad

    Another hello from the Atlanta area

    I just joined this forum as I ordered my first Gibson LP std last week. I'm an 'old fart' thats been playing for many many years. I live in the Atlanta area - Gwinnett County - northeast of the city. I actually started playing as a child in the late 60's and 70's - and gave it up in 1975...

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