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  1. mgenet

    Honorary Doctorates to be "conferred". Do we need honorary doctorates? Interesting list.

    I read in two biographies of Benjamin Franklin that said he had Honorary Doctorates and often insisted upon be called Dr. Franklin. He was a highly respected scientist (although not trained) and it appears people (professionals, royalty & common men) would call him Dr. Franklin even though he...
  2. mgenet

    I remember how I learned to drive a stick shift in 1966.

    Looking back I was lucky to learn stick on my mom's 1961 MGA; 1600cc, short throw, wire wheels, 3/4 race cam in British Racing Green. We found out later that a lot of the car, front /rear fenders (flared for wide racing tires), doors, bonnet and boot lid were fiber glass. It reminded me of a...
  3. mgenet

    Does anyone know what guitar Joe Perry played on sweet emotion?

    Here is a link to an interview with Total Guitar. Joe Perry Interview
  4. mgenet

    Inspirations and Favorite Guitarists

    Polar opposites in a lot of ways. Neil Young (Old Black) and Roger Waters ('53 -& '55 Gibson LP Gold Tops- both w/ P-90s; 1978-2019). The Yin and Yang of R'n'R... Neil Young because he could play short songs and longs songs, take leads on and on, and make most of them work for the piece. He...
  5. mgenet

    Metallica bought their own factory

    Oh. Good. I thought they were going to reproduce and sell copies of the band. That would have been weird... :iough:
  6. mgenet

    This is jacked up...

    Oh, did something happen?
  7. mgenet

    Mystery cable

    Engineers don't want to make life toooo easy. They might be out of a job...
  8. mgenet

    Close to Medicare Age? Worth a Read...

    Dole, thank goodness for the internet so we can compare and contrast all the MA plans out there. It can be overwhelming to be sure.
  9. mgenet

    Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!!!

    First, Happy St Pattys Day. I loved Ireland. A great place to visit. People are wonderful and they have Chinese restaurants too. Only 6 hours from the East Coast to Dublin. And Dublin is such a walk-able city. Once I drank Guinness in Ireland I have never drank another one in the USA. Those in...
  10. mgenet

    Close to Medicare Age? Worth a Read...

    Last time I read any stats on Medicare Advantage plans was they were about 30% of total Medicare. That was about 3 years ago so maybe all those damn TV ads have sold more retirees. You got to do your research. Those damn plans are tiered just like regular commercial insurance plans. Managed...
  11. mgenet

    All bow to the RRHOF!!!1

    :applause: :rofl::h5::naughty:
  12. mgenet

    Shelby Cobra CSX8000 50th Anniversary 5-Speed

    That is one beauteous beast. Thanks for posting deftone. And with the Black I think the red interior is kinda cool. The wire wheels are the shitz. Sweet. Damn, my dream the look...especially if it comes in British Racing Green. Simple design, simple beauty. Definitely would want...
  13. mgenet

    Thank Bezos Kindle has our minds under control

    Ever the optimist, pnuggett. Nothing can get you down, man. :applause:
  14. mgenet

    Thank Bezos Kindle has our minds under control

    That sounds ominous.
  15. mgenet

    New F'ugly Guitar Day!

    No, that's not Fugly. I don't like it but its not Fugly. AND who cares what I think anyway!!!
  16. mgenet

    What are the possible root causes of a string misalignment?

    Belive there'd be "dead" frets as well with a twisted neck.
  17. mgenet

    For bird lovers.

    I'd loan you my cat but hes dead now. Hell of a Cardinal killer and they are, to my understanding, tree feeders not ground feeders, normally. But son of a gun he'd get 'em. I'd see red feathers under the tree they sat in. Then another set would move in. Damn, gone. He was good. Real good...
  18. mgenet

    What color bathroom paint should I surprise my wife with?

    Best advice if you value you shows you are considerate and not a guy who just "fixes things".
  19. mgenet


  20. mgenet

    This mentality is why the world SUCKS!

    Historical note: It used to be the Japanese business model. Until they got good. Real good. How many Japanese products do we own?

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