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  1. Blues_Verne

    jokes & funnies.

    HOW TO SING THE BLUES by Lame Mango Washington (attributed to Memphis Earlene Gray with help from Uncle Plunky, revisions by Little Blind Patti D. and Dr. Stevie Franklin) 1. Most Blues begin with: "Woke up this morning." 2. "I got a good woman" is a bad way to begin the Blues, 'less you...
  2. Blues_Verne

    3 humbucker wiring

    Hi, here's an addition to my former post (see above) - my Les Paul Customs 3 pickups' special wiring:
  3. Blues_Verne

    So after all it's STRATtime again...

    So for a new project we gathered some samples
  4. Blues_Verne

    Not really wanting to be a show off

    Ha, ha, ha, the full Monty..,.
  5. Blues_Verne

    Gold top with teeth

  6. Blues_Verne

    Simplified 2 conductor to 4 conductor conversion for Custombuckers?

    Yes you can do it. Best way is to use a very thin solid core (e.g. wire wrap) wire and wrap/wind it close along the braided shield.
  7. Blues_Verne

    jokes & funnies.

    And not so funny... A neighborhood crime. Murder investigation goes slow. The media is like a fever. Heat starts to build up. The people out in the neighborhoods get scared, and they start calling their city councilmen. The councilmen panic - that's what politicians, do, basically, is panic -...
  8. Blues_Verne

    jokes & funnies.

    Guy dates girl. And trying to be funny cracked a joke about blondes. And wondering if there was such a thing as a feminist joke, even a funny one. "Oh, There are lots of feminist jokes," she said. "You know why men give names to their penises?" "No. Why?" "Cause they don't want a complete...
  9. Blues_Verne

    498T resistance differences (two guitars, very different, 8.0k vs 13.9k)

    Ah, thanx for the info. Well, if I split a 13,9 Kohm humbucker in two and get a screw coil with 8K and a slug coil with 5,9K reading, this sure is unusual. I found that kind of DCr offset/mismatch with quite a few different humbuckers and brands, e.g. Tesla (Kr) and suspected a production failure.
  10. Blues_Verne

    498T resistance differences (two guitars, very different, 8.0k vs 13.9k)

    Talking of coil SPLIT - as with most, not to say each and every humbucker, those two coils have different windings hence DCr readings. So it could as well be with a 13K HB to read 8K on one coil. In most cases this would be the screw coil, which tapping could confirm also.
  11. Blues_Verne

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1985

    Hi Christkindl, to judge this guitar from thumbnail sized pics is for me at least absolutely impossible. In case this will be your first Les Paul or even your first electric guitar just do NOT fall into this trap trying to buy something sported by yer guitar hero. Get that same model as a...
  12. Blues_Verne

    Favorite pic of your #1

    1990 Les Paul Std. Custom - made to my best; and her sister from 1992
  13. Blues_Verne

    jokes & funnies.

    All American Dream Team ...
  14. Blues_Verne

    2018 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Peter Frampton

    This one performs really well. Before and first I tried an original Gibson P100, a failure. Now with this aftermarket slightly overwound Korean P90 all I had to do was reduce coil wire to calibrate this pickup and pair it to the 57-Classic humbuckers. And connect it with a three wire cable for...
  15. Blues_Verne

    2018 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Peter Frampton

    Here you can see the latest incarnation of a 2018 Epiphone Les Paul Custom "Peter Frampton" with a P90 in the middle position - and new switching system with a British NSF 2x3 Freeway switch à la Jimmy Page. Since I got this guitar I was never satisfied with the original humbucker trio - too...
  16. Blues_Verne

    NGD '87 LP Custom

    Congrats! It's a mystery to me that there is not one single statement in this whole forum to confirm the following fact: there is almost no difference in TONE comparing one piece vs three piece bodies or guitars with one piece vs three piece maple tops. In my workshop many years ago a customer...
  17. Blues_Verne

    A real 59 ...sort of

    The '59 ...R9
  18. Blues_Verne

    How to Properly Set the Pole Piece Height on Humbuckers

    Erics post is great basic knowledge every guitar player should learn! MAKE IT A STICKY!!!! Like you can buy any car you want and could afford, but you need a drivers licence, including some basic knowledge in maintenance, isn't it? Back in 1965 I had my lessons from a true guru when it comes...
  19. Blues_Verne

    NGD R6 Vintage Sunburst

    Man, Congrats, it's such a Beauty. That sunburst is my all time favourite color and the maple face lines... just WOW! This instrument was looking out for you til the day you snatched it. Cheerioh.

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