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  1. roadhog96

    New Information About Gibson's Lack of Quality Control

    Hell, I might as well give my 2 cents not that it will change anything. I bought 2 Gibson's, a 2007 LP Custom 68 RI Limited run from the Custom Shop. In 2008, a Custom Shop 335 Dot. They were both sent back and replaced because of defects. Who ever set the jig up on the LP fretboard must have...
  2. roadhog96

    Grover 135N 3x3 Vintage Style Tuners On a 335

    Has anyone replaced the stock Grover Rotomatic tuners on your Memphis dot 335 with the Grover 135N 3X3 Vintage Style Tuners? What Im looking to find out about these. Are they a good quality tuner, tight, precise and quality? Is it a straight swap or do the headstock holes need to be reemed...
  3. roadhog96

    Replaced volume pot (twice) and it still cuts out? Solder Joints all look good...

    I fried a pot once and it did the same thing. I had a hard time getting the solder to melt with my heating iron. The shielded wire was soldered to the back of the pots and the pot body acting like a heat sink and was sucking the heat away from the solder so fast that my 40W iron coudnt keep up...
  4. roadhog96

    Nut files

    I have three guitars that all have the same problem with the three plain strings binding in the nut slots when tuning. As soon as I play a little those plain strings are out of tune. I've tried a nut slot lube but it doesn't stop the problem. Every once in a while I can hear one of the strings...
  5. roadhog96

    Wampler Ego Compressor loud Popping Noise

    Is there ayone here that uses the Ego Compressor? Do you hear a loud pop over the amps speaker every time you switch it on? I'm not talking about the loud click you hear from the switch itself. This is a really loud pop noise heard through the speakers.
  6. roadhog96

    ABY Switcher differences?

    This might help explain what's going on with a two amp setup. There are 2 types of A/B boxes, Passive A/B boxes These are simple and inexpensive units using a footswitch to toggle between two outputs. Some have a second footswitch to combine the ouputs for both amps to be on at the same time...
  7. roadhog96

    ABY Switcher differences?

    I forgot to mention that another reason I went with the True Path HT Hard Touch rather than the True Path ST Soft Touch and the Lehle Little Dual because after the warrantee is over I can replace the Hard Touch switches myself if they fail which they will eventually. The Fulltone Soft a Touch...
  8. roadhog96

    ABY Switcher differences?

    Ok here's a follow up of what's been going on. I did a lot of research on what's available and decided to give the Fulltone True Path ABY a try. I got it on sale and if I decide it's not going to work out I can return it within 45 days. Not a bad deal. I've done a lot of reading to find out...
  9. roadhog96

    Are those Silent Plugs worth it?

    Anyone have any good or bad experiences with these Neutrik NP2X-AU Silent Instrument Cable End Plugs that they would like to share? I read a review were the G&H Industries Quite Plug still popped when using them with Active pickups. I'm wondering if the Neutrik does the same thing. Are they...
  10. roadhog96

    ABY Switcher differences?

    Ok so active uses a buffer and passive doesn't. Which is better? If I remember right, I believe I read a buffered pedal was better I have two old Fender amps set up with different type speakers and cabs which have a sound of their own. Both channels on these amps are voiced differently and out...
  11. roadhog96

    ABY Switcher differences?

    What does it mean by it is active? I'm not that familiar with pedals, I'm just starting to explore them. I'll look into the Lehle, thanks
  12. roadhog96

    ABY Switcher differences?

    Does anyone know the differences between the Radial Twin-City Bones ABY switcher and the Radial BigShot ABY switcher? The only difference I can see is the Bones has LED's and no tuner out. They appear to be the same thing. There must be something more that I'm missing. Thank you
  13. roadhog96

    Recone recommendations

    Looking for a reputable business that does neat a careful work. One that will take care not to damage a pair of very nice vintage speakers. I remember reading a very long time ago about this guy that had his speakers sent out to be repaired and the place didn't take the time or care to...
  14. roadhog96

    Question on behalf of my old man (whammy bar)

    Why not a Bigsby B7 using a Vibramate V7 they are available in gold. Easy to install and totally reversible. Shop around for the best price, sometimes you can get both as a package deal.
  15. roadhog96

    2007 Les Paul Classic and the RS wiring harnes...

    Yes I found it to be a lot brighter. I had to basically learn how to use the volume and tone knobs all over again. Settings are not the same as the stock controls. There's a huge volume jump between 8-10. I don't turn the volume controls up that high normally. One nice feature is you can play...
  16. roadhog96

    Brazilian board according to CME. What say you?

    I whole heartedly agree with you on the striped Ebony issue. You probably already know the story but for the ones that don't know about it I'll post this for veiwing. Bob Talyor changed things around for the best.
  17. roadhog96

    Brazilian board according to CME. What say you?

    I'm quit aware of the variations with BRW. This paticular guitar doesn't have the most desirable looking BRW board IMO. Seems like I must have touched a sensitive nerve with you. Regardless, it's still butt ugly, again IMO. Maybe you have one just like it, yes?
  18. roadhog96

    Brazilian board according to CME. What say you?

    Brazilian Rosewood is a beautiful wood. That board is Butt ugly and doesn't look anything like what a Brazilian Rosewood board should look like. Even if they could prove it, who wants to look at a Butt ugly board. It would have to be the worst example of Brazilian I've ever seen. You would spend...
  19. roadhog96

    So I Just Used Some Electrical Contact Cleaner... IMPORTANT: Follow Up With
  20. roadhog96

    Buying Les Paul Custom 68 RI or Les Paul Custom

    If your dead set on a black one then the 68 RI is going to have a huge neck. To my knowledge GC never offered the 68 RI in black. I believe everyone here so far has suggested going with the 68 RI, there's a reason for it not that the production Custom isn't a good guitar. If you can live with a...

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