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  1. LarsK

    How do You Feel About "Celebrity Chefs"?

    My heros: Guy Fieri - watch him almost every Friday, great guy, great show Bobby Flay Gordon Ramsey Anthony Bourdain Robert Irvine ..and yes..I love to cook
  2. LarsK

    NFL week 3 biggest shocker...

    What about my Dolphins? What a disgrace. Saprano should leave right away..
  3. LarsK

    Ive Been Banned From GC?

    Tell 1234 you're touring with Motley Crue or Black Flag, maybe he'll change his mind.
  4. LarsK

    How often do you go out to eat?

    I love to cook, but I love to go out too. Since there are no decent restaurants in Broward County anymore (maybe 2) we don't go out that much anymore. Rude service, crappy food, etc.. Maybe once a month..always the same place.. :laugh2:
  5. LarsK

    How much do you drink at rehearsal/gigs?

    As soon I have a couple of beers my playing goes to sh*t. Hence, nothing.
  6. LarsK

    MLP T-shirts

  7. LarsK

    Look Alikes

  8. LarsK

    Look Alikes

  9. LarsK

    Tim Fezziwig

  10. LarsK

    High School Sweetheart

    Sorry to hear...I had a suicide in my dad in law killed himself 2 years ago..he was a great guy, still shaken up about it.
  11. LarsK

    REM is now kaput...

    I had a dream last night..I was driving with Keith Richards in a car..he was going WAY too fast..then we crashed..body parts everywhere...thats it.. :hmm:
  12. LarsK

    China to put space station in space next week

    I am going to where a helmet next week..falling pieces alert..
  13. LarsK

    OMG You Guys!!!!!!!!!!

  14. LarsK

    Anybody else Sleep on the Sofa Last Night?

    My wife slept on the sofa last night..not because of me though.. She is an attorney and super stressed out over a trial.
  15. LarsK

    Netflix Corporate Suicide - anyone following?

    I will finish my queue and then cancel. Taking a break.
  16. LarsK

    I Love My Wife :)

    (Nice) wives rock! :lol:
  17. LarsK

    10 most hated jobs in the US

    You have a point there. I hate my job because I am sitting under an AC ceiling vent and have to wear a jacket somtimes..poor me.
  18. LarsK

    10 most hated jobs in the US

    I used to do that... I HATED it...Huge factory, 3 shifts..the stress level was beyound normal. All I did was running around the CNC machines like a retard..checking quality, measures, coolant level, etc.. BUT! This job opened the door into the PC world for I said, that was over 20 years...
  19. LarsK

    The important things in life..

    My friend..I miss you very much. You left a huge gap in my life. :sadwave: (* 01-08-1935 + 12-27-2010)
  20. Lars' dad (R.I.P.)

    Lars' dad (R.I.P.)

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