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  1. Colnago1

    Anyone doing DIY waterslide decals?

    Let me know how it works out for you. Hoping you have the same results I have.
  2. Colnago1

    Anyone doing DIY waterslide decals?

    Here's the stuff I've been using. Give it a spray of clear nitro when done printing and it melts when applied to the headstock and sprayed over no problem. Haven't had any issues and it's cheap too.
  3. Colnago1

    This has to be a typo, right?

    10 lbs 5 oz with weight relief? That better be a typo!
  4. Colnago1

    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    45 Electrics at the time oops 47... 2012 Rickenbacker 650C JetGlo 2022 Rickenbacker 330 FireGlo 2020 Rickenbacker 620 FireGlo 2010 Rickenbacker 360 JetGlo 2011 Gibson Les Paul Jr TV Yellow Full Gloss 2007 Gibson Melody Maker Sunburst 2018 Gibson SG Standard Ebony 2018 Gibson SG Standard Pelham...
  5. Colnago1

    Les Paul for praise and worship

    Why would it not be appropriate?
  6. Colnago1

    How long does it take for a dealer to hear back from the Gibson CS in regards to your M2M order?

    Part of the allure is the lack of communication and the lack of info with these companies. If it was quick and easy and everything went as planed what fun would that be?
  7. Colnago1

    Inflation has reached guitar gear, how long will it last?

    I was shopping for a DRRI for the last couple of years, used of course as I’m cheap. Everything was going for over $1650cdn and new ones are $2199 now? I swear they were $1199 before Covid and used ones were $6-$700 easily. Anyways, I can’t believe it I actually found one for $750cdn used and...
  8. Colnago1

    Very Rare Murphy Lab Guitar!

    Finally a heavy relic guitar that I like! The relic job stopped at the headstock! Yay! I don’t understand any of the providence, but nice looking guitar.
  9. Colnago1

    Standard mods to your Les Pauls?

    Why the rubber washers instead of felt under the strap pins? Aren’t you afraid of a reaction between the rubber and the nitrocellulose lacquer that Gibson uses whereas felt is non reactive/inert? I always do the Schallers lock pins as well. Depending on model of Les Paul, I’ll pull the plate...
  10. Colnago1


    Yes, that is a white dot.
  11. Colnago1

    After more than 30 guitars, I finally bought my first Gibson Les Paul

    Love the top on yours. Congrats! I had a 2014 and had to let it go as I could not get over the look of the 12th fret marker. Why they did that I’ll never know. Why not just a truss rod cover? Something removable at least.
  12. Colnago1

    Would you ask for a higher discount

    Is it like that all over the back of just the two spots that they’ve shown? Never heard of that issue. Will it keep happening and continue to get worse? I like my guitars to be in really nice condition. I’d have to pass even with a bigger discount. I’d bite at 30% off if it was a keeper and...
  13. Colnago1

    Les Paul Junior strap / hanging question

    What is a “thick side strap”? Maybe you need to try a normal guitar strap and not a “side” one?
  14. Colnago1

    Grounding Bus Wire

    With your Hakko set to 899 did you flow a little bit of new solder to the joint that you were trying to undo? Add a bit of new solder and the joint comes apart much easier.
  15. Colnago1

    Reverb purchase issue, need advice

    Offer to swap cases and $80 returned to you. He pays shipping on the cases. Reverb will agree to that as it is closer to what was promised and it’s a hassle for you. It’ll cost you $60-$80 to get the switch replaced professionally. Otherwise full refund please!
  16. Colnago1

    New LPs worth the price hike?

    If you think they are too expensive and don’t provide the value needed for your money then you don’t have to buy one. There are other guitars out these for less money. Gibson offers a premium product for a premium price. Wether or not the price is valid is up to the person buying them. I...
  17. Colnago1

    NGD - Gibson LP Standard 50s GT P90

    So nice!!
  18. Colnago1

    NGD - 2022 Standard 50’s GT

    Very nice.
  19. Colnago1

    SIngle action truss rod in Lespaul, to glue or not to glue?

    I don’t think that you would’ve implied that the rod itself would be glued in.

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