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  1. Duane_the_tub

    Tube scream, or not tube scream? That is the question.

    My opinion is that buying pedals is significantly cheaper than buying amps.
  2. Duane_the_tub

    The Rock & Roll Pictures Thread

    Anyone who says Norlins are too heavy has never seen one fly.
  3. Duane_the_tub

    Women are the best vintage pickup winders

    I think it's pretty cool that the Mexican women who wind for Fender end up having their first names become status symbols. Abby and Jozefina pickups demand a premium on the market.
  4. Duane_the_tub

    Sunday Centerfold

  5. Duane_the_tub

    SOLD _ 2016 Gibson Les Paul traditional

    Ah, junior members bearing incredible deals. Balancing temptation with due diligence requires discipline for sure - but the downside can certainly be costly.
  6. Duane_the_tub

    Fill me in on LP's

    All of these questions and many more related ones have been answered on this forum for years and years. My advice is to get comfortable and start reading.
  7. Duane_the_tub

    Humbuckers used for ANY position

    The ReWind Creme Brulee is a great example of a "bridge pickup" that absolutely slays in the neck position.
  8. Duane_the_tub

    How do you pitch your song to an artist?

    Record a demo of your song, then hire a rep (agent or entertainment lawyer) to send it out for you.
  9. Duane_the_tub

    Townshends Tone

    I believe Townshend also favored massive speaker arrays, multiple 8×15s and the like (live, at least).
  10. Duane_the_tub

    Show your Stratocasters

    This is as good as a Strat gets as far as I'm concerned (I think it's the eighth one I've owned) and I'm still not crazy about it. I'm just not a Fender guitar guy. Really nice, though - I wish I did love it.
  11. Duane_the_tub

    Digitech Bad Monkey, $5000

    Will you sell just the shipping separately?
  12. Duane_the_tub

    ATTN Pickup winders, Which manufacturer of wire best for PAF'S

    @Dave Stephens has some opinions on this topic.
  13. Duane_the_tub

    NGD 2022 R9

    Awesome top and perfect color! Congrats and HNGD
  14. Duane_the_tub

    Renters and HOA's and Groundskeeping responsibility for common trees. I'm going to find out.

    I thought we were headed for one of these scenarios:
  15. Duane_the_tub

    Old artifacts in amp enclosures

    I did a speaker swap and found a spider that had apparently been living inside my *closed back* cab for quite some time. This raised two important questions: 1. WTF was he eating in there? 2. He's gotta be deaf, right?
  16. Duane_the_tub

    NGD …. 2019 R8

    Wow, great score Vic. Love the color and flame. Congrats and HNGD!
  17. Duane_the_tub

    FS: 1952/59 Conversion with Original Gibson 1959 Top Refin..

    @thefishingline I just tried to PM you but can't. When was this guitar routed for humbuckers? Was the pick guard on there now originally cut for P-90s and re-cut for HBs?
  18. Duane_the_tub

    Inspirations and Favorite Guitarists

    Ronnie Montrose laid down some killer riffs on his '58 Burst on this album: He gets shoeboxed for being heavily Page influenced, but his playing on this record lays the foundation for the birth of hair metal some 20 years later. Motley Crue, Cinderella, Great White, Poison, Badlands etc. -...
  19. Duane_the_tub

    What else could Gibson improve on?

    Nitro that can be applied thinner and dries harder.
  20. Duane_the_tub

    The Newer Les Paul Ive tried are so “Chingy”

    @LesPaul60sTribute do you have a gold one?

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