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  1. tdearn

    TC Electronics Dark Matter.

    Hi guys, any opinions on the TC electronics dark matter? I play in a rock tribute show and have found at smaller gigs my Marshall DSL 50 isn't driving enough to deliver the sweet spot. I've been using an old Guvnor 2 pedal to warm it up a bit but am not overly satisfied with the results. Was...
  2. tdearn

    Ibanez LGB 30 or GB 10 se

    Hi. I can't find out too much about the new Ibanez GB 10 se. I'm not sure if it is actually available in the uk or not yet? The LGB 30 is and is a little cheaper. I notice that the GB 10 se has different pups and is slightly deeper. I played an LGB 30 a while ago and loved it. Has anyone played...
  3. tdearn

    Tonerider Alnico iv in epi dot?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I ordered one last night.
  4. tdearn

    Tonerider Alnico iv in epi dot?

    Hi guys. I have just brought a Korean 1999 epiphone dot. It's ok but the pickups are going to need improving. In my Sheraton I put a Gibson 57 Classic in the neck and a Duncan 59 in the bridge which I am very happy with. Anyway I don't want to spend quite as much this time so I came across...
  5. tdearn

    The guitarist(s) that changed your life and playing?

    Lindsey Buckingham. Paul Kossoff. Joe Walsh. Wes Montgomery. George Benson. Kenny Burrell. Jerry Reed. Bernie Leadon. Don Felder. Eric Clapton. BB King. SRV. Leslie West.
  6. tdearn

    What Do You Love?

    My family. Music. Cars. Beer. Scotch whisky. Women. The sea. Scotland. Curry. The sun. Snow. Gangster movies.
  7. tdearn

    Poll: How many users on here are full time musicians?

    I work as a music coordinator in a school and play in two bands. Play gigs most weekends. Got two this week. I wish I could afford to just play but I have a huge mortgage and three kids!
  8. tdearn

    Bands who ditch the set setlist

    The pianist in my jazz band gets bored of tunes very quickly and before each gig sends us charts and lead sheets for completely new tunes so each gig becomes an excersise in sight reading and improvising over completely new tunes. It can be frustrating because I feel like we are just blagging...
  9. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Yes it was.
  10. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Thanks. I've got a Gibson 57 classic for the neck and a Duncan 59 for the bridge. I intend to use it for gigs. Leave my trusty old Les Paul and 175 at home for a bit.
  11. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Lol. Samick factory. Auto correct. I checked out the serial number it is genuine and the spacing of the letters and made in Korea logo all look exactly the same as others on the net so I am not too concerned now.
  12. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Sorry, yes alpine white not artctic white! Lol.
  13. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Personally it's not the colour I would have chosen but it was such a great deal. I tried a new Chinese one in my local guitar shop the other day which was nearly 500 pounds. Got this one for 200! Just about to take it to its first band rehearsal. Sounds ok, gonna get the pick ups swapped. I...
  14. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Mine is artctic white. It was imported from America. It was a genuine colour but not sure if it was available I'm Europe. I've done some more research and it does appear to be genuine thank God! Thanks.
  15. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    The headstock has a slightly different tree design on mine. The guy I brought it off said it was an American import in Alpine white. I don't know if it is a genuine headstock as there has been variations.
  16. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    The headstock is slightly different. The leaves on the top left are slightly thinner and longer than on mine.
  17. tdearn

    Genuine Epiphone Sheraton.

    Hi guys, I picked up this very nice Epiphone Sheraton yesterday for just 200 pounds. It plays nicely and sounds OK, will be even better when I change the pick ups. I had no doubts whatsoever about its authenticity until I noticed that the e on the pickguard is in a slightly different position to...
  18. tdearn

    JTB Quintet
  19. tdearn

    George Benson playing a burst in 1964.

    Love George Benson. Amazing player.
  20. tdearn

    JTB Quintet

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