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  1. mr boggie

    Attaching pick up covers

    This may be very obvious, but... If you have a Humbucker without covers Can you simply use double sided tape to put on a set of covers Ie easy reverse to just hold them in place Or is there way more to it? Or need solder for shielding or something. Thank you
  2. mr boggie

    Is the LEMON rush OVER!?

    It's firmly the colour to get. My cc16 says so.
  3. mr boggie

    PIX - '13 R9 Locking Tuner Upgrade

    Hey thank you for posting, I did notice you referenced the supply co in the 1st sentence of your post. My apologies for making you re call it out. Will give them a try.
  4. mr boggie

    Do you use this stand?

    I used that stand and also a herc double It burned the back of my r0 horribly I will attach a photo - it also didn't take long to show up
  5. mr boggie

    PIX - '13 R9 Locking Tuner Upgrade

    Where would one get these locking tuners? Any recommended spots?
  6. mr boggie

    CC Guitars

    My cc16 is easily the best instrument I've played yet.
  7. mr boggie

    Nitro chipping and flaking off at fretboard binding.

    My 50th did this right at the nut, had a big ole chunk of binding come off, looked a bit like a cornflake, well maybe not that big, but it was a noticeable chunk to my eye. I think since then its somewhat faded. It was a bit random because no where else is there even a mini check.
  8. mr boggie

    So, I asked the wife, can I get another Historic?

    Gents learn the practice of the fake receipt. For the guys with the 'tell them everything' approach maybe your just no longer fuel by the need to good poontang. Either way, do what you gotta do.
  9. mr boggie

    Do I need an R9??

    I'd sell the fleet to get the R9. You wont really regret much and have huge upside. I have an 50th R0 and at this point, its the only guitar I truly need.
  10. mr boggie

    Advice request: Tone King Falcon or Swart STR-Tweed?

    Hi - I had the swart str w/ nightlight. It was great at the od sound, not loud enough for the clean sound. Plus I sold it and got a lower power tweed twin. To me it was only a 1 way street. I could get it loud enough but then it would only be dirty. The falcon with the 10" is bound to...
  11. mr boggie

    Would you sticker your Historic?

    Over time the sticker can start to break down and get gummy and cause other issues and just turn into a big mess.
  12. mr boggie

    To Cover or Not to Cover?

    My cat Rosie, likes to add her relic touch to the front of any amp thats in her space. That said its currently un covered, but lives in a road case, that doesnt have the lid on. I put the extra stuff on top of the amp case lid and put it all together when needed. Wheels are SO much better...
  13. mr boggie

    Collectors choice???

    I'd like one, but I often wonder 'How" much better it would play with me at the helm. My 50th R0 V1 is already the best guitar I've ever owned and playing it seems like it also brings out my best. So incrementally, I dont know what the reward would be. I suppose the more I play it, the more...
  14. mr boggie

    In need of a bathroom amp...

    poor taste abounds Muffy...
  15. mr boggie

    Grolsch washers

    I've had them pop off too, mostly on the LP vs the strat.
  16. mr boggie

    Marshall amplifiers, my live rig.

    ....just lining them up proper without scuffing them if a feat unto itself. Beauty!!
  17. mr boggie

    Any experiences with The Tube Store (online shop)

    they are the BEST - love Jon long time.
  18. mr boggie

    razor checking

    I think the checking looks hot. Whether you go cold check or razor, would you wipe it down with a cloth sitting in a steeped dark tea rinse? I mean, to get the gunky look into the cracked line? The overnight thing to me seems the most logical as it enacts the left in the trunk of the car...

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