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    Pulled 2 tubes from Twin Reverb

    I think this is one of those matters where there seems to be no one correct answer. I've done a lot of reading on it today. Seems some people have a lot of success unhooking one speaker when running 2 tubes. Then some say no way you will tear your amp up. I did learn 1. It works 2. It...
  2. J

    Pulled 2 tubes from Twin Reverb

    I think the reasoning for unhooking one speaker was for the impedance reason. Something about evening out the load. I'm not real educated in that area. Just following the advice of some others. Pull 2 tubes....unhook one speaker. I'm not going to do it again either way. If I want that sound...
  3. J

    Pulled 2 tubes from Twin Reverb

    For whatever reason last night I was in the mood to tinker with something. I've never got to hear what my twin reverb ri sounds like overdriven because it has so much clean headroom ( which I like). So I read up some on pulling the two power tubes to cut the power in half and causing it to break...
  4. J

    Came across stupidity

    I'm 28 and have no clue who lady gaga or Justin beaver is Hank Williams Jr rockin out with a Les Paul....yea :dude:
  5. J

    Thinking about a p90 60s tribute....but am I to late???

    I may wait around for a used gold top. I usually like to buy new because by the time I get done nagging a salesman I get a killer deal on new stuff. Lots of folks want as much for used as they were new.
  6. J

    Thinking about a p90 60s tribute....but am I to late???

    I finally got far enough along in convincing myself I need a P90 equipped guitar to actually start shopping for where I'm going to buy it. I've had a hankering for single coil sound lately, especially after adding a twin reverb to the mix. I've been playing a 50s tribute with humbuckers for the...
  7. J

    Gibson Midtown Custom or Gibson ES 335 Satin?

    I didn't even know the midtown custom existed until lately. I have been drooling at the vintage sunburst one. If I had known about them 5 months ago I woulda bought one instead of my LP 50s tribute. Then I dropped a bunch of cash on a Twin Reverb amp. I don't regret the twin at all, but I wish I...
  8. J

    In search of clean tones!

    You didn't list the king of clean.....TWIN REVERB !
  9. J

    New Grover Rotomatics now on my LP Special

    Those look great! I'm not a fan of the green tulips and gibson deluxe tuners on my 50s tribute. What's a set of Grover's like that cost??
  10. J

    Stolen LP Standard WARNING

    This sorta thing is enzactly why I don't buy or sell online. Face to face and cash only for me. I know a lot of people fair out just fine using eBay ect but its not a risk I see worth taking. Too many local buyers for me to have to sell online
  11. J

    Yes, another static question

    My 50s tribute does it. When I run my hand down the neck it makes a big static sound in the amp. Also hums and makes noise unless I touch the strings. Cable seems fine and the amp is quiet unless I plug guitar in. I've just decided to live with it
  12. J

    Were my expectations too high? (NGD)

    Without a doubt I would send it back. I've learned to overlook a few mishaps but that is unacceptable period. Were your expectations to high....hell no! There's no reason to expect anything less than a quality instrument from Gibson. And no reason for a dealer to send you such crap if they...
  13. J

    good tone at low volume , how do you do it?

    Good tone at low volume.....Twin Reverb. Of course I'm talking about clean tone. Breaking it up is out of the question
  14. J

    New Les Paul

    I wouldn't do anything to it. You haven't even played it yet to know whether you like it or not. May not need a thing. I wouldn't spend money on upgrading stuff just for the sake of doing it. I have a 50s tribute humbucker like yours and my only gripe is I don't like the 498t pickup. But, I...
  15. J

    Fender Frontman 212 R

    Well my twin reverb will rock windows in my house set at 3. So I'm sure a 100w solid state would be pretty loud if you wanted it to be. With the power it has I would believe it could get loud very quickly on the clean side. That's where it's gonna shine anyway.
  16. J

    Looking for a twin.

    I bought a mint condition 2010 twin reverb reissue for 600 bucks on Craigslist. A month later I'm still in awe of its awesome sound. I installed some roller wheels so I could roll it around the house instead of packing it. My LP is in clean heaven plugged into the Twin. There's some deals on...
  17. J

    Which is Loudest

    I was looking for a frontman 212 and ended up with a used Twin Reverb. Seems like reissue twins are going cheap lately so and extra 200 bucks for a kick ass tube amp was well worth it
  18. J

    Noob Say's Hello

    I hear ya man. I started a thread the other day about playing Les Paul's clean. It's frustrating sometimes looking for demos on different models when every one of them is ran through a OD pedal. A LP plugged straight into a amp and played clean is a wonderfull thing. I wish more guys did that on...

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