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    Noob Question

    Hi guys! noob question for you! i've buy 4 MDF board to make my templates, but i've got a problem. trying a lot of glue, i can't find the correct one. So, what kind of glue i've to use to paste the catto plan on the MDF board? thanks a lot !
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    Look what I got today

    Good! I want to being added to the list :)
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    The Scattervarius

    Scatter Lee = Tom Bombadil this house is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
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    L-5 Templates

    TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! i've found a woundefroul think for you :) Gibson L-5 CES L5CES Archtop Electric Guitar Plans - Full Scale Plans - Actual… i'll buy it tomorrow !!! i don't have money in my card today, so ... tomorrow!!! I hope it will be a very very nice book
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    The Chocolate Paul Build

    lol XD
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    The Chocolate Paul Build

    1.5kg butter :shock::shock::shock:
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    another bulldog neck problem thread. should I return it?

    Send it back. You've payed to receive this neck!!!!!!! I don't think you want fix an item buyed 2 weeks ago :)
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    L-5 Templates

    hi Max! i'm looking for you those templates, but it's very difficoult to do . This guitar is amazing, and i hope you can find those templates. It will be fantastic share this guitar plans :)
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    SG Diablo Replica

    thanks for share your build! And in my opinion , you are doing a good job :thumb:
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    Hamer Sunburst restoration.

    :thumb:awesome!!!!! :thumb:
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    40th birthday and a custom bass!!

    :wow: Awesome Bass !! I'll stay tuned :)
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    Hamer Sunburst restoration.

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    First build: A Les Paul

    Where did you buy your top ?! p.s:Excelent work :D
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    Where did I go wrong?

    Wow :applause::wow::applause:
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    LMII request for spanish cedar

    Thanks guys . I've just received the mail from lmii and they say that can't sell spanish cedar body blank . So i'll looking for :) Bye!
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    LMII request for spanish cedar

    Hi all. I've got a question I'm looking for Spanish cedar, so i've contact the LMII supplier and asked him for the body blank. I see that they sell spanish cedar only for the neck blank. If they tell to me that they can sell the blank of spanish cedar, what are the mesurament that i've to tell...
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    First Time Les Paul

    +1 :d
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    Coming Sooner or Later

    Simply Spectacular Ex! I think that hundred and hundred of guys will start to build their own personal guitar... and this tutorial will defeat all the question for the new builders ( like me :°D) Thank you very much :applause::applause::applause:
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    My sons build

    Rocking father !!!
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    i will order mine as soon as possible ! Thanks a lot !!

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