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    gibson les paul studio deluxe 60s WEIGHT QUESTION

    I own historics and usa les pauls and I am familiar with how they can vary in weight. I got a line on a deluxe at guitar center, for a very cheap price of $750 repaired headstock. My question concerns the weight. The studio deluxe guitars are supposed to be weight relieved. This gutiar is...
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    R9 relaxed neck shoulders only on 50th ann?

    please bear with me, I am not trying to be redundant. I found these posts from poster R9 in a thread titled: historic changes '93-'07 1959 LP Specs were the relaxed shoulders or (neck profile...
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    R9 2010 and 2011 reduced neck shoulders

    is Gibson reducing (relaxing) the shoulders on the necks of the 2010 and 2011 models? is the neck profile changed as on the 2009 models? I found this quote in another post: "Neck profile changed - now has less "shoulders" ...thanks...
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    R9 anyone explain 'relaxed shoulders'

    thanks for your input
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    R9 anyone explain 'relaxed shoulders'

    thanks for your input!
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    R8 2006 my first historic EXPEREINCE

    I have been playing for 30ys and after purchasing this R8, I finally now understand the difference between gibson usa and gibson custom shop guitars. I never thought there could be that big of a differnce, I WAS WRONG! I should have bought one of these ten years ago. I have been playing this...
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    R9 anyone explain 'relaxed shoulders'

    I own a '58 2006 and am familiar with this historic...I am looking for a '59 and want to know what they mean by 'relaxed shoulders' for the 2009 and up '59 model. I found some info, but not questions are: are relaxed shoulder necks on the 2009 and up guitars closer to the first...
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    Hunbucker into a p90 slot with no routing

    those dimarzio's sound good but I wanted use pickups with alnico magnets... my research indicates that dimarzio doesn't make a p90 alnico mag humbucker...the ones they do make, all contain a cermaic mag...
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    Hunbucker into a p90 slot with no routing

    here is a pic of my continuing project with a 60s studio doesn't look great, but I have some ideas for making it look cleaner, I will post photos in the main les paul forum when I am the meantime, I thought I would show that I got the humbucker into the neck slot...these...
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    LP Studio 60's

    from my experience, anywhere from a two piece to even five piece backs...I think the majority are three...I have seen and own several...
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    Les paul classic light burst question

    here are a couple pics of a 2003 I found...if you feel like it, go to the gibson website and compare to the clapton, don felder, warren haynes, models and other customs to these you think the colors are close?...
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    First Gibson advice - 'buckers vs. P90s.

    p90 junior do it...
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    New Member Looking to buy Les Paul, your thoughts please!

    I wouldn't pauy more than a grand, have you considered letting a lutherie look it over?...
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    Les paul classic light burst question

    how is everyone?...I have been searching the threads for info on the lp classic "light burst" this a rare color for the classic?...I think this color is similar to the eric clapton model and the '58 lp plain top vos, (I am refering to the gibson website photos)...we all know the...
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    Neck Tenon...Short or Long?

    I would have to agree with loki...
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    50's GTS with B7 outdoor shots

    thanks for the info I wasn't aware of the mounting plate...looks great...
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    My firs gibson

    right, you know the difference...only a gibson is good enough...
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    Gibson les paul studio 50's tribute mod

    yes, here is pick...let me know if you find another way to mount a humbucker...send me private message, in case I miss the thread...
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    First Gibson advice - 'buckers vs. P90s.

    studio 50s and 60s tributes are fine guitars, for an idea of what you can do with this guitar search in this forum for this thread: GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO 50'S TRIBUTE MOD...

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