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  1. Evil Mopars

    NGD---Boho Surf Wax Guitar

    Very cool, how does the neck feel? I've been looking at those as a possible bedside guitar.
  2. Evil Mopars

    you wanna see stupid?

    I think I know why it's his second accident. :facepalm:
  3. Evil Mopars

    So we're ready to start the gig and a friend comes up....

    Here's an idea. LOL
  4. Evil Mopars

    What is your dream car?

    Even though a Black 440 or 426 Hemi 68-69 Charger R/T, 70-71 Challenger R/T, or a 71 Cuda are near the top of my list, a 1940-41 Willys set up just like this would be my dream car. I'd drive that thing to work every day rain or shine grinning ear to ear.
  5. Evil Mopars

    Ford Motor Company Guitar

    I'd rather have this Mopar one. :dude:
  6. Evil Mopars

    How do you surf the web?

    Mostly with my laptop.
  7. Evil Mopars

    I don't want kids.

    Your still young so don't be surprised if some time around the age of thirty your feelings about kids change. If by chance your feelings about kids don't change, that just means that you'll probably have a lot more cool s##t than the rest of us LMAO! If you think raising your own kids is to...
  8. Evil Mopars

    NAD - AxeFx II

    Congratulations on the newest addition, your going to love it. With the latest updates from both Kemper and AxeFx you really can't go wrong with either one. They're both incredible units, I have a blast with my Kemper. So what are you going to use speaker wise? Standard cab or powered FRFR...
  9. Evil Mopars

    Quiet Riot Doc on Showtime

    ^^^ pretty much^^^ but our cars were cooler! LMAO!!!
  10. Evil Mopars

    Quiet Riot Doc on Showtime

    Yea, that was a great documentary. I remember when Metal Health first came out. There would be 5 of us packed into my friends Mustang cruising around town on a Friday night with the stereo cranked, singing at the top of our lungs "BANG YOUR HEAD!!!!". Good times I tell ya.
  11. Evil Mopars

    He is a poser.

    Beautiful horse.
  12. Evil Mopars

    I hate these guys and their demos

    Wow that XTS Atomic Overdrive pedal sounds great!
  13. Evil Mopars

    NGD!! Who doesn't love 'em

  14. Evil Mopars

    How early should one play in an apartment?

    Yep I worked graveyard for 2.5 years while living in apartments, Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, screaming kids and stomping neighbors will send ya over the edge after enough sleep deprivation. White noise like a Fan and blankets over the windows worked best for me.
  15. Evil Mopars

    How early should one play in an apartment?

    I've lived in a few apartments and if your beds headboard is up against the shared wall, especially with older style 1/2 thick sheetrock you can hear plenty. I'd probably add some sound deadener to that wall especially if you ever have female company over :naughty:
  16. Evil Mopars

    NGD - Charvel Custom Shop

    Wow, that's killer!
  17. Evil Mopars

    How does one "troll"?

    All I know about trolling involves a boat moving slowly and some fishing poles. LOL
  18. Evil Mopars

    The greatest start to any day..


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