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    My first "band encounter", I'm shocked, help.

    Some very good advice here - two other suggestions. 1. Where is your amp? Is it on the floor? Of so, either an amp wedge (mentioned above) or a stand will really help. 2. try using a longer cord and move forward and listen to the band from out front while you are playing, she what the mix sounds...
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    My NGD R0

    She is beautiful! Play On!
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    NGD: 2014 R9 Dirty Lemon VOS

    That is an absolutely stunning guitar. Use it well, and enjoy it!
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    Show Your Strats!

    I followed this YouTube video to block the trems in 2 of my stats. It is very simple, absolutely 100% non-damaging, and works really well. It uses 5 (US) Half Dollar coins taped together to slide in the rearward opening next to the term block and the body of the guitar and 2 (US) Dimes taped...
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    Show Your Strats!

    My newest baby. She arrived today via FedEx. I'll post more pics once I play her for a bit can get some outdoor shots. 2015 American Design Experience Stratocaster.
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    NGD Shiskov Ultimate

    Stunning! Enjoy!
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    I scored this today.

    I put one of the Holy Grail harnesses in my G0, along with a set of JM Ralph '58's and a Callaham bridge and the sound is just astounding! Love the combination. The harness is a work of art!
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    Everything G0 - Guitar Center Exclusive 1960 Reissue Les Paul

    The long shafts will work fine - I have one of the Martin Holy Grail harnesses w/ the long pots in my G0 and it works perfectly, and sounds GREAT! (By the way, mine is serial G0 5049, VERY close to yours!) Great guitar!
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    NGD - 2013 R9 Lemonburst

    Enjoy - She is a beauty!
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    Finally tried Ernie Balls Slinkys

    I used Ernie Ball Skinny Top - Heavy Bottom for years, and still have a few packs to use, but have recently been using Curt Mangans. Really like their tone, and feel, and they seem to last a decent amount of time! Here is my favorite slinky! Edited to fix my crap spelling
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    New 2014 R0 on the way

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    ABR-1 Bridge Upgrade.

    I put a Callaham Bridge on my '05 R0 (G0 to be exact) when I was doing a string change and the stock bridge was very wobbly. I heard a cleaner, more distinct higher end, but more noticeable was the dramatically increased sustain. Sustain to make Nigel Tunnel jealous! *edited to correct my...
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    NGD 2015: Another Collectors Choice #16

    She is stunning, play it LOUD!!!
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    Show Your Strats!

    That may be the coolest idea for a pick guard I have seen in a very long time. Did you make it or purchase it somewhere? Cool looking guitar, too!
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    Show Your Strats!

    Here are the girls! (from left to right) 2013 '59 AVRI Sonic Blue (My newest baby, just got her this week) 1990 '57 AVRI Black (got her brand new in 1990, and she is still stock) 1986 MIJ original Blue Floral (a recent Craigslist purchase) 2012 MIM FSR Black Paisley HSS (I have the matching...
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    20 yr old with a BIG top

    That. is. so. freakin. beautiful.
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    The fab tone of a 2009 Murphy R9 burst

    Thumbs (way) up!
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    1956 TV model

    Holy crap.
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    FS/FT JM Rolph 58 Pretenders

    I ADORE my Rolphs... Good Luck!

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