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    Historic Pickup Rings on Standard 50's.

    I put on the vintage style rings too as I prefer their look. I sanded the bottom of the rings to match top`s curvature and to keep the ring`s top straight. Just put a self adhesive sanding paper on the top and move the ring on it back and forth until the curve is achieved.
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    2004 Standard to Historic 59 lookalike and Custombuckers, are they worth it?

    I did exactly the same with my '02 standard Lefty. I replaced the wiring, added emerson PIO caps, SD Antiquity pickups, historic plastics, Faber alu stop tail and abr1 bridge. I couldn`t be happier, and the modding has been a lot of fun.
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    Let’s See Those Lemons!

    Lefty Lemon.
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    Upgrade Tokai Love Rock (not MiJ) or switch to Gibson

    In this case I would just spare the money now to reach this goal earlier.
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    Best aftermarket PIO caps?

    I bought Emersons, later i found that they are basically Russian K40Ys wrapped in sexy bumblebee colours. They sound great, but bit pricey for what they are.
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    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    2002 Standard Plus lefty. Modded in and out :)
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    Talk Me off the Ledge

    Let`s be honest. If you come here you don`t want to be talked off. It`s quite the opposite. Even if you cannot admit it to yourself, you really just want that very last, tiny bit off gentle push to fall over the fence:)
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    Talk Me off the Ledge

    Exactly the comment I wanted to add:D
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    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s...for the lefties!

    As a lefty, I am totally loving your new guitar, outstanding flames! These new standards look really tasty. I have an older one from 02, which was a good period as well.
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    2002 Standard Cosmetic changes or leave it stock?

    Beautiful guitar! I did the same with my 2002 standard premium plus, and have never regretted it. The previous owner changed the pickups to Antiquities, and I finished what he had started. Went for historic style plastics, 50`s wiring with bumblebees, faber hardware with custom made brass bridge...
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    For The Love of Flame...

    Lefties have flame too:)
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    New 60s Standard Bourbon burst bridge won't go any lower. Concern?

    Correct, so your issue with the saddle will be sold. :) Rock on!
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    Faber bridge gave better tone

    Unfortunately I could not make a comparison recording because I don`t have a proper microphone. But there is a very audible difference in tone (both acoustic and electric). The tone got milder, rounder with less highs. My impression was that even the body of the guitar vibrates more. Personally...
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    Faber bridge gave better tone

    I am far from being an expert, but after installing these brass threaded studs, I have some experience. Generally you don`t need to tap the wood, as it is soft material and the metal stud will cut the thread as you screw it in its place. If you pre-tap it you risk that the fit wont be tight, and...
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    Faber bridge gave better tone

    Hi Kody, well it is really nothing special. The only important thing to consider was to not to go down to the route diameter of the M4 thread by the joint, but to keep the outer diameter all the way down and cut the thread as long as possible. For an experienced machine operator it is no...
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    Faber bridge gave better tone

    The brass is a soft metal, therefore brass posts require great care during installation. I assume that manufacturers are worried about costumer complaints and they stick with the safe steel ones. I agree that the steel tail studs are awesome. I can evt. order a small batch of brass bridge...
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    Faber bridge gave better tone

    I decided to not to coat them. They are barely visible, and my axe has aged parts anyway so they fit nicely after some natural oxidation.
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    Faber bridge gave better tone

    I have also had Faber ABR1 bridge and Alu tailpiece on my 02 std for a while now. It made the tone a tad too bright compared to the stock setup. Lately I watched the videos of Stephen Design on YT, and got quite impressed by his crazy attention to details about vintage LP tone. Following...
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    For The Love of Flame...

    My 2002 Lefty Standard in flames:)

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