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    In search of P90 mounting screws (fine thread machine type)

    Try the only place that had the screws I needed for a custom pickup mount. Whether they will have the screws you need or not, I don't know, but worth a try!
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    NDG Pelham 2012 Trad Pro

    HNGD! Great colour.
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    2015 Les Paul Less Plus - Comments Please

    Regarding resale. I have never bought a guitar as an investment but I do like trying and occasionally (well to be honest - more than occasionally) buying. As one MLP member's signature states - they are so much fun! From time to time when my GAS is under a bit of control, I like to "thin the...
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    2015 Les Paul Less Plus - Comments Please

    Thanks for the comments!
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    2015 Les Paul Less Plus - Comments Please

    Hi, I have a chance to buy a 2015 Les Paul Less + at a very good price. I am ok with the wider neck and LP scrawl. I plan to swap the nut for the Gibson titanium replacement (if still available) and replace the G-Farce with regular tuners. I really like the thinner body format despite...
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    Fender American Deluxe Strat

    Where in Canada are you located?
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    My dream guitar : 2013 LP Standard GT

    Beautiful guitar. HNGD.
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    Gratuitous Wine Red LP Action

    I have lusted after this colour for many years - someday! Very nice!
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    FS: Humbuckers in excellent condition

    No longer available.
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    FS: Humbuckers in excellent condition

    Bump - DiMarzio was sold
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    FS: Humbuckers in excellent condition

    Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker Pickup in Excellent condition. Lots of lead wire. 2 wire configuration More info: 57 Classic Pickup - Gibson Store $70 (OBO) US - Including Paypal fees and shipping to US or Canada.
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    Asymmetrical Neck causing pain when playing?

    If you don't like it for whatever reason - return it, sell it, give it to someone. I have spent too much time trying to like guitars that are very good and expensive but clearly not for me.
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    NGD 2008 LP Studio

    HNGD! I am a fan of Studios as well.
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    Legit Traditional?

    Some guy in Calgary is trying to sell it as a "Traditional Tribute." Currently priced at $580 CAD. He might actually think it's legit. Gibson Les Paul Traditional Tribute | guitars | Calgary | Kijiji

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