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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    that honey burst from sweet water looks amazing I been thinking about that for months since I first saw it, if anyone gets one I would love to see some photos. Side note this “Guns & Guitars With Mel” is a fucking idiot. I’m sorry to disparage someone but he has refused to acknowledge his...
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    Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom is coming

    will advise my guitar shop, we had all came to that conclusion as it looks deliberate & pretty cool imo throughout but only had the one to go off
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    Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom is coming

    played one in my local guitar shop yesterday they should be arriving if not already at bigger retailers, NICE guitar, good feeling neck, cool aging on the binding, the tuners have this red tint throughout them, not sure if that’s a factory defect or not but these are light & they sound pretty good
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    1958 Les Paul Special at Goodwill

    I’m probably in the minority but always a bit bummed to see these go to resellers, got nothing against them they seem like cool dudes but still, would of loved to hear this getting restored & played instead of maybe being circulated to the same groups of people.
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    New SG vs my old Epi 60s tribute plus

    I think neck shape is gonna be the biggest determining factor, the 59 rounded profile on the SG standard is my favourite neck shape & is just a lil bit thicker I believe than the period specific ones like the 61 I believe? If you like Epi neck shapes however you may not find a Gibson that suits...
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    That new Gibson smell: It's the case, not the guitar.

    i don’t have much experience handling the varying years & models of Gibsons but I think it could be either/both. I’ve played a ‘78 that the owner almost never puts in the case but it does retain a bit of that sweet smell & I’ve owned faded & satin studio/tribute models that came with cases but...
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    top wrapping & “rock n rock” nickel strings for me, I haven’t thought too much about why I prefer them this way however. I tend to deck the tailpiece as well & also have not investigated why I like the set up this way just know it works haha, pickup height balance & pole piece height is a big...
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    NGD ‘19 50’s Standard

    will probably keep the pickguard on but thought I would take it off just to see.
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    NGD ‘19 50’s Standard

    Thanks for the replies everyone! @Christosterone i feel ya trust me, I wish didn’t have to save & plan for months to make a purchase like this haha, layaway plans (& the nature of my work maintaining 40 hours) allowed me to get into this thankfully. I had also come to a conclusion to...
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    NGD: 2020 Les Paul Junior Lukas Nelson '56 Reissue

    i am starting to dislike myself for not getting one of these, the transition of the burst looks just fantastic, like the really good ones I’ve only seen on reverb & rig rundowns haha
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    NGD: Less is more? Custom Shop ‘59 ES-335!

    this is gorgeous! just to ask, was it a matter of what was in stock or did the custom shop make the difference vs the production models?
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    Swapping 3 items for one R9, thoughts?

    i know it’s a moot point but I am certainly of the mindset of trading three items you like for one really great instrument you love. I’ve recently consolidated 3 guitars & 3 amps into two Les Paul Standards & my trusty bandmaster reverb & JCM 900. I don’t miss any of the stuff even tho I liked...
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    NGD ‘19 50’s Standard

    been trying a few different 50’s & 60’s standards looking to get my first one & I think I’m settled on this one (i hope haha) preferring bigger necks lately but this might be the biggest, still getting used to it but I love the weight & I think I’m happy with the burstbucker pickups always...
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    Gear (Full/Partial) Trade For Les Paul Standard

    thanks for the comment! Will send you a message regarding the strat. bump.
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    Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom is coming

    don’t mean to revive a necro’d thread but on the collection video from Gibson TV Joe states it’s based on a 58 BB he has worked on to get the pickups in phase better, bigger frets & the repurposed epiphone tuners look awesome! Didn’t preview the Epi guitar but the 58 sounded awesome & it’s...
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    Gear (Full/Partial) Trade For Les Paul Standard

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for a Standard with a 60s neck preferably, finish, weight, mods aren’t particularly a factor players are great & repairs are not frowned upon. Have many more photos, feel free to ask question if interested & cash can be negotiated with item(s) & I am willing...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    idk about this dudes video, lot of speculation & conjecture on the specs, claiming this is so & that is so, I heard this from NAMM etc & “im a builder so I know” not saying he doesn’t know his stuff but seemed more interested in justifying a purchase than reviewing a guitar, good playing tho
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    Odd Greco(?) Les Paul Custom

    i think someone did actually replace the inlay, the black epoxy material around it seems to tell me this job is gonna be more trouble than it’s worth haha thanks all for the kind words & advice
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    Odd Greco(?) Les Paul Custom

    yup I believe the process of restoring would be out of my realm of handiwork, was really hoping it was just a decal that would pop right off certainly wasn’t expecting the inlay to have been replaced lol! is what it is to me, didn’t pay the price of a Gibson or a Greco for it so I’m happy & the...
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    Odd Greco(?) Les Paul Custom

    thank you, pretty sure that is what i am feeling & seeing!

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