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    Juniors are fun too!!!

    The angle of the bridge on the last one looks extreme. I wonder if that much angle results in good intonation. Anyway, I love juniors. Rock 'n' roll machines IMO.
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    Ever feel like you are "there" with LPs and guitars in general?

    I never feel like I am "there." I must own 20 pretty nice guitars at this point. Clearly I don't "need" another guitar. But I still find myself lusting for this or that guitar that I don't own -- Jeff Beck 54 Les Paul, Jimmy Page telecaster, three or four different Rickenbacker models. What I...
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    The Black Death:Where was Greta When They Needed Her?

    I don't get the snide remarks about Greta.
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    heads up for anyone looking for Epi Bonamassa LP...

    I have traded away my JB Les Paul for an acoustic guitar. I hardly ever played it and it is in excellent condition. I am out of the loop and I don't know if these things are sought after or what. If anyone is interested it is at Guitar Emporium of Louisville...
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    NVGD - 1955 Restoration/Conversion - The Red Bellied Black Snake

    The ebony finish is beautiful. It looks amazing.
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    Anyone own a Tele 52 reissue

    My brother owns a recent 52RI and I have a very similar custom shop Nocaster. IMO the 52RI is a great guitar. The most important thing is to know whether or not you want vintage 7.25" fingerboard radius and vintage (smaller) frets as on a 52RI. The alternative is the flatter 9.5" radius and...
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    Pranks you've played. No judgement.

    I worked with a particularly obnoxious, arrogant and vain coworker for a few years. Once while he was logged in to his computer but away from his desk, I created a new keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Word so that whenever he typed his full name, it would append ", Narcissist" to it. Sometimes...
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    NGD epi standard

    Congrats! That is a rock 'n' roll machine right there.
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    Advice on First Epiphone Les Paul Please!

    According to the GC website, the T+ has a "Hard maple cap and AAA flame maple veneer."
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    Epiphone Sales Thread

    GC currently has the ebony finish 1956 Les Paul on sale for $379 (vs $549 for the gold top)
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    Fender Princeton Reverb 1x10

    Congrats! I love my PRRI. Easy to dial in a good sound with a Les Paul. Not too loud to use at home. Easy to carry. Everybody should have one!
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    Plastics upgrade for R8

    You might try: (EDIT: Not sure that they sell parts but they seem to specialize in making reissue Les Pauls appear more "authentic.")
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    Brian Wilson

    I too am a big fan of the genius of Brian Wilson. Got to see him and his band perform maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Fantastic. There are some great essays on the internet about BW's song composition and music theory, most notably on God Only Knows.
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    Who actually take bursts on the road?

    I believe Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick plays his vintage guitars on tour.
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    Gender Identification

    I don't think it would be unlawful discrimination for a patient to refuse a doctor for any reason unless Australia has some unusual laws on that subject.
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    1957 Gold Top with P90's

    One good place to have an instrument appraised is Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville: (From that link) In-Depth Appraisals We can provide a complete, in-depth appraisal, including in-hand examination and authentication of all components of the instrument. For pre-CBS...
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    Best bang for the buck electric archtop???

    Thanks, gents. The Epiphone and the Loar models look great to me, and I would definitely consider one if I could score it in the $300-500 range. Likewise Godin or Eastman etc. The double pickup Loar looks cool but I've never seen one in the wild. I notice that the 2-pickup model has a...

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