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  1. Matt_Krush

    Tubes are dying?

    you are using 1 preamp tube. Its called the phase inverter. While technically part of the output section/circuit, it is still a preamp tube.
  2. Matt_Krush

    bored of my sound

    I go through that every 5-6 years or so. Not just with tone either... Whole new rig. Not just from one model to another either..its jump the brand ship and start over. When I fist started and was Stupid... 1992-1996 Crate Stealth 1996-2005 Marshall ValveState 8200 2005-2014: B52 AT100 (l wish...
  3. Matt_Krush

    Post an original song you wrote!

    See if I did this right... The Sin-Eater
  4. Matt_Krush

    Alpha vs. Bourns Potentiometers

    I like Bourns low friction for volume. Alpha/CTS/IDGAF for the tone pots since I don't use them.
  5. Matt_Krush

    NAD My first Marshall

    The Jubilees don't really go to 'output tube saturation' The output section is similar to all the other Marshall designs, but the preamp doesn't drive the output section into saturation or any pleasing distortion.
  6. Matt_Krush

    Is this a legit Gibson Les Paul

    Nope. Its a fake.
  7. Matt_Krush

    Tailpiece Surprise - 2019 Les Paul

    Would a Les Paul sound more resonant as a string through design vs a stop-tail?
  8. Matt_Krush

    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    I can't provide an answer..... Even google translate couldn't understand: "How many Les Pauls is too many?"
  9. Matt_Krush

    Popping and static sound as amp powers up or down old is the amp build? The caps shouldn't be bad...not to say you couldn't have gotten a faulty one. If tubes didn't solve the problem.. It really displays 'bad connection somewhere' behavior. When i finished up my amp build...I had what you describe...SOMETIMES. Really frustrating...
  10. Matt_Krush

    Hell Freezes Over

    ^^^ It's tough when you've had muscle memory for so long...and playing a certain way and expecting theings to behave a certain way.
  11. Matt_Krush

    Hell Freezes Over

    Yep. Hell haseth frozen over. I picked up the Headrush Gig Board. Primarily to use as an effects unit through the effects loop of my JVM. Just the effects. They sound decent enough, the MIDI allows me to change JVM channels/modes. And I can get the same functionality as I did with my Rack...
  12. Matt_Krush

    Anyone using the HeadRush FRFR

    My guitarist has a pair of the 12s. They sound good. Lots of low end. Sound great for monitors. He has the Headrush floor unit...whatever its called.
  13. Matt_Krush

    Great deal on a Vintage Custom Les Paul

    I was looking for some projects...ran across that kindling wood. Someone was really angry to do that.
  14. Matt_Krush

    real or fake...

    Real....why the concern?
  15. Matt_Krush

    Great deal on a Vintage Custom Les Paul Just needs a little setup and polish.
  16. Matt_Krush

    Popping and static sound as amp powers up or down

    double check solder connections on the mains and standby switches.
  17. Matt_Krush

    What Les Pauls are the 2020 models going to be? Do we know yet?

    Be nice to see explorers/Vs in something besides, natural, white or black.
  18. Matt_Krush

    Help, I Think I Have Dirty Power!! And Happy New Year!!

    90% of the rectifiers sold (wall warts) will all introduce noise. Most produce higher voltage than necessary and they are only half bridge rectifiers with very little ripple correction.
  19. Matt_Krush

    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    buy some Birchwood Casey Tru Oil. just rub it in that spot several times...light coats. You can blend it out easily.
  20. Matt_Krush

    Does this headstock look repairable?

    Sure it's repairable. even if it wasn't broken I fail to see where these things are $2k. Custom shop or other, they shouldn't be more than $500.

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