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    NPD! Whole lotta humbuckers

    Hey Coldacre, thanks for the share... how do you like the set JPPost72 Set? Have you compared them to the WLH set by chance?
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    Framptons '54 Custom found

    Fun post, thanks for the share!
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    Is Jimmy Page a thief?

    Interesting story, but from what I have read, Joe sold the instrument to Jimmy.
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    Thanks for the great info everyone!
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    GUITARS-The Museum, a work in progress

    Awesome collections! Keep posting more pics! :)
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    NPD! Whole lotta humbuckers

    Hey DADGAD... wonderful post! Awesome additional review from DrakeZero as well! Thanks for the great information! I have the WLH set in my LP atm and I am loving them, but I was curious if you could help with informing me where you would recommend picking up a similar set to your '59 PAF...

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