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    What amps are you guys using!

    Andy C Great space
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    Great website I accidently found

    Nicole, good stuff Darlin, really liked it alot , ear marked it to my pc will be litehing to it again :applause:
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    sustain and feed back

    I am putting together a LP copy from scratch and I plan on using burstbukers pro, I dont know alot about PU , I am looking for a set up for max sustain, and I love to play with feed back, a lot of you guys sound like you a experianced so I thougt I put this out there , Any other thoughts on...
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    What to expect?

    OH ya another thing , this was at GC because of the hugeness of the company the can make deals
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    What to expect?

    From experiance, if you are serious and are ready to buy right than. ALLWAY'S go to the store manager . I have gotten to know the store manager buy first name.The 1st time I wanted to buy A drum machine , a bass guitar and a bass amp all that day , told him I would find the ones I wanted and...
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    Identify my Les Paul Sunburst

    Hey cool pedal board did you put that together, Nice Standard to
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    Gibson Marauder

    Has Bill lawerence pick ups in it cant find out what module p/u they are , have a lot of static hum and and my need to replace one of them and if i do i want to put the same type back in. e- mailed becky @bill lawrence co , have not heard back , maybe someone out therer knows:fingersx:
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    Do you, and how blatant, lie to your wife about the guitars?

    Not about guitars , Ive been lucky most of my Guitars have been gifts from Freinds, Guitars that I would never have bought because of the $$$$ (There Rich im Poor).I have fibbed about recording equipment , When she has noticed ,Other wise I would just install it , most the time she never...
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    What a rip!

    hey checked out your tunes , nice really liked man in the box . tuff stuff good job, :thumb:
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    What a rip!

    WOW ,You guy's get up early on Sunday, check out all the am posts and it is only 9:00am L.A time. Ya I agree that is a lot of $ for a new LP.they can afford to make em, price em that high and if they dont sell it wont kill em but if it does, than they have set another bench mark selling price...
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    Bobbo's Guitar of the Week !!!

    Mr Shades, walkin blues very nice
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    Gibson Pots

    Ya I noticed that to 500k on the wire diagram, by the way will come in handy , I will be installing p/u- pots- and- 3 way switch along with the wiring that is the best diagram I have seen yet , thanks
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    Gibson Pots

    Bowhunter, maybe you can help me , Im putting together a lp copy all gibson hardware and electonics pot's p/u ect .I bought Gibson 500k pot's for the Volume and Tone, Putting in the burstbucker pro pick ups , 500K All the way around no problem ???
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    Greetings from down da bayou....

    hey all im in los angeles, ya good luck on your lp quest , if you ever want to build one let me know ill give you the info on where to buy the kit if interested will give you more info
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    Sharp edges on frets

    stew mac make a tool just for that, it sells for $12.00 go on line send for a free catalog , or take it to Roman and have him set it up all round.
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    newbie here to Tim, My god lad great collection , Really like the stack .
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    les paul bolt on neck

    Roman, last coment RE : things about to change ,I comented really nice , have since listend to it a few more time's . Great live vibe , great story line , Im gettin older ,So I can relate , for what it's wotrh. It really make's ya feel ,OH YA the les paul, great sustain really good guitar...
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    les paul bolt on neck

    Oh ya listen to Things about to change, Really nice
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    les paul bolt on neck

    Will Do ,
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    les paul bolt on neck

    will do Roman, checked out your web site figuer u know what you talkin about , thanks again --BOLT-- STRING-- WIRE--PLAY-- GOTCHA :slash:

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