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  1. Drebin

    Les Paul Weight

    my '57 Goldtop weighs 8.5 lbs. cool thread
  2. Drebin

    1957 Les Paul Goldtop 7_8804

    Beautiful! I love my '57
  3. Drebin

    Issue 4 Interactive Guitar Mag 59 Les Paul

    I wasn't familiar with this, many thanks
  4. Drebin

    Dahlia came home!

    :applause:Best thread i've read in a while. Enjoy man!
  5. Drebin

    My Former Burst With Original Owner

  6. Drebin

    the nicest 1959 les paul owned by a artist

    +1 on the Derek Trucks Burst. Its got it all, just needs more stagetime.
  7. Drebin

    nice burst

    This months issue of Guitar Afficionado has an article on this guitar apparently selling for $131,450. Pretty good deal. The PAFs had been rewound at some point but a beautiful guitar.///Theres also a picture of Duff Mckagen with his beautiful 1959 Dark Burst.//Another interesting writeup in the...
  8. Drebin

    Keith Richards Guitars

    Thanks for the great info. What do we know about Stripe and The Hard Rock Burst? Serial #'s?; Are they both 59's?; I'd love to know how hot the pickups were and what the resistance measured on both guitars. Ooh that '73 sound!
  9. Drebin

    Mint Condition NOS Sprague Black Beauties

    Cool, I sent you a PM
  10. Drebin

    An honor, and the greatest experience of my life so far.

    Were you aware beforehand that you may get to jam onstage or was this completely out of left field? I ask because you handeld yourself realy well. :slash:
  11. Drebin

    Van Halen guitar lands in Smithsonian

    Now that would be worth the ticket price
  12. Drebin

    Stolen 58-60 Bursts that are still missing?

    +1 It's just speculation but I think the landscape of the vintage market may have been much different if Jimmy's custom had not been stolen.
  13. Drebin

    Gene Simmons ... Money Grubbing Scumbag ??? POLL

    as far as the money goes these acts like Kiss and Aerosmith are probably at the point where they are worrying about their grandchildren and their children but KISS LOST ME WHEN GENES' SHOW STARTED MAKING FUN OF KISS FANS
  14. Drebin

    Best Sounding Burst

    when you see one of the 69's converted, they sure look like left over 50's bodies as some suspect. I found a clip that was for sure the chambered 69 and it too sounds killer:applause:
  15. Drebin

    Best Sounding Burst

    i think i read on youtube someone says that he has a 68 GT is that the one? the GT i'm looking at now(different video) looks to be a fifties though, either way he's got it going on. Dang
  16. Drebin

    Poll: How would YOU convert this '52?

    Good deal man! I think the guitar as is has an "Old Black" kind of charisma about it.
  17. Drebin

    nitro on the nut?

  18. Drebin

    Could use some prayer/good vibes/happy thoughts.

    I'm Praying for you guys. Psalms34:7
  19. Drebin

    The Rev. Billy Gibbons

    I know Gibbons is ordained by law to preform marriages, but Is Billy Gibbons a Christian?
  20. Drebin

    does anyone have pictures of a mint 50s burst?

    Anyone know the serial #'s for the 2 pictured together? Owner(s)?

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