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    Buying a Gibson custom shop tom,need help

    hi guys I am planning to buy a custom shop Gibson les Paul custom black Can anyone identify if the fingerboard is ebony or rich lite? Thanks for the help :) It's a 2014 Bought in Japan .
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    Schecter solo 6 classic ==need help

    i compared the solo 6 with my gibson les paul traditional 2012 model... with 57 classic pickups... i only tested the neck clean,,, well the gibson is more round compared to the solo 6 which has a seymour d 59 in the neck... my friend says it could be the alnicoII of the 57 classics giving the...
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    Schecter solo 6 classic ==need help

    thanks bigby73 finally a reply :) well she is a dark sounding guitar... i like the tone... will the cap change be a big help? mind you i play with tone and volume control full..what tone changes should i expect with the capacitor change? thank you
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    Schecter solo 6 classic ==need help

    hi guys i am new here... i have a bunch of guitars prs custom 24's gibson les pauls and etc... i love the gibson tone but i always need 24 frets thats why i dont use my gibsons...they are just for display main workhorses are my prs custom 24's. i was able to get the schecter solo 6...

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