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    Les Paul Custom for 2015? Am I missing something?

    I think my '07 Custom VOS '57 just went up in value. :P
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    Awesome news, for me at least... New Sig Explorer

    That price and a Rosewood board? Heeeeell no. Sorry, very cool, but this ain't happenin'.
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    Let's see your Edwards

    Hey, my time to shine. More: ESP Edwards EX-100D - Imgur
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    BreedLove Passport Concert acoustic Electric with tumer

    I used to have a Breedlove Passport, great guitar. Congrats :)
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    NGD: ESP Edwards Explorer EX-110D

    Yeah, it weighs barely nothing at all. It hasn't bothered that much yet, and it sounds good to my ears, so I'm generally happy with it. It's important to remember that it isn't a very expensive guitar, so there are limitations to how high you can expect the quality to be. Well, if it's this or...
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    NGD: ESP Edwards Explorer EX-110D

    Well, it's a dream come true I suppose. As a kid I was always a fan of Metallica and the Explorer, and even though I've had two Gibsons, I really prefer this kind of model without the pickguard and a rear control setup. So I finally sprung for one of these, new from Japan. An ESP Custom...
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    NGD: Fender Standard Stratocaster

    They call this one PlusTop, but it's the same thing.
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    NGD: Fender Standard Stratocaster

    Thanks everyone :) Cristi: Yeah, I really like the flame on it. Just the right amount.
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    Show Your Strats!

    New as of yesterday:
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    NGD: Fender Standard Stratocaster

    I got this baby today. I've been looking for a Strat for a while (sold my other one earlier this year), and while I was flexible on price, I couldn't find one that properly peaked my interest until I found this. I wanted some light flame, a nice finish, preferably a Maple neck, and it was pretty...
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    Great Loaded Pickgaurd set up for your Strat.

    I've tried two sets of Dragonfire pickups, the EMG replicas. They were horrible. :/ These sound great though, looks like there are big differences in their quality. On another note, gorgeous finish on that strat.
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    2007 Les Paul Custom

    I've got a 2007 Custom 57 VOS, excellent guitar. I'd haggle on the price a bit if possible, but generally you're headed for a good deal on a great guitar. :)
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    New here: Lost, 67' V customizing

    I'm not sure if that's possible. The routing is different for the controls, body binding, fretboard material, inlay and fretboard binding are all on this, not present on the Faded V (unless you have model I'm not familiar with). I also think the Custom has a bound headstock with a diamond inlay...
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    Siggi Braun Custom Shop Explorer

    That's really cool! As an Explorer fan, I love this.
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    NGD - Hetfield Iron Cross

    I'm not really a huge fan of the ESP Eclipse, but I think this one is pretty cool. Congrats, and enjoy! Does it sound good and play well? :)
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    NGD! - The blackest guitar I've ever seen

    These are really good. I sold mine a few weeks ago, since I had to clear out some space, but I really enjoyed it. Congrats!
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    PRS S2 semi hollow line

    Well, I really didn't need to know that this existed. Oh god, I want one.
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    Show us your one keeper that you will never sell

    I was worried about the neck, being used to a lot thinner ones, but I love it. :D
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    Show us your one keeper that you will never sell

    It's worth waiting for the right one to come along. :)
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    Awesome news, for me at least... New Sig Explorer

    No. It has to be CS. If it's not, I might be able to afford it, and I really shouldn't buy more guitars. Please let it be too expensive.

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