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    So Gibson is finally hooking up with Metallica???

    He's in Metallica, he can do that stuff.
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    Anyone play a ESP/LTD EC model?

    I have the basicly the cheapest model they offer that isn't a bolt on. The bridge pickup doesn't even work now.
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    Ugly Guitars. Post 'em! Pics please.....

    Actually it doesn't look to b- oh wait it says Roman on the headstock.:eek2:
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    Sammy Hagar Explorer....

    I suppose this will be the deal breaker for many. At least it's on the back where most people won't see it.
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    big f----ing facepalm BFG.

    This, gotta have that locking nut.
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    Is this Custom a fake

    Yes it's a fake
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    Unofficial MLP Slang Dictionary

    Norlin - A Gibson guitar/bass made in between 1969 and 1986 Norlin - The company that manufactured Gibson guitars (and a few other brands) between those years. Norlin - A guitar that will never be considered vintage by any means.
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    Suspicious headstock on a BB 1958 re-issue

    Looks legit to me.
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    New NAMM Gibsons For 2011

    I get more of a Mastodon vibe from it.
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    Gibson Vampire Blood Moon Explorer

    This is the only thread on this guitar that isn't ripping on the name of the guitar... the name of the guitar doesn't affect the playability of the guitar... it's probably not a bad guitar just everyone hates Gibson and everything they make for all the crap they put out recently. I'm sure if...
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    It's really true...the Jonas Brothers Les Pul

    Nothing a good refin can't fix.
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    This 1980 standard found me!

    Wow that thing looks really clean! How's it sound? How does it play?
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    !!!!Woman Kills Baby For Interrupting Farmville Session!!!

    I'm glad I never got involved in that Xville shit.
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    Gibson Press Conference 10/28 in NYC [merged]

    Henry's retiring?
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    NEW Limited LP coming soon end of 2010
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    fender blacktops tele..?

    It's not just teles. It's a apparently a new line that Fender's putting out. Fender® Blacktop™ Series Seems to be marketed towards the Alternative/indie/punk players.
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    Tonal Characteristics Unplugged

    Is the special chambered?
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    Norlin Deluxe

    Naw, if Pete had owned it it would look like this

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