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    Great Canadian "Free" Health

    "I think somewhere in between US and Canada is the best balance." Oh, but we already do that, with a huge single payer system, (Medicare, Medicaid), socialized medicine (Veterans) and an out-of-control, unsustainable money-grubbing for-profit model for everyone else. We try EVERYTHING in the...
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    What's your carry knife?

    I've got a couple of Kershaws. Nice quality.
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    Battle of the Somme

    I had a professor who had studied WWI as a student in Germany, and said that the accounts by Germans were often at odds with the British line. This was particularly true regarding the Somme, where German sources often point out that the losses incurred in the battle were irreplaceable and did...
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    Is Paul Simon an a-hole?

    I met him once. Not a warm and fuzzy type of guy but not necessarily a bad person. His son was very nice and un-showbiz. I always go by that when meeting people: nice kids usually indicate a parent who isn't a TOTAL a-hole. At any rate, the examples here don't convince. So what that he wanted...
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    Vinyl - Anybody Else Come Full Circle?

    It's a minefield buying old records. Not only did the quality get bad, but there were record club pressings that were truly thin, barely listenable crap. However, these days you can find some great new stuff -- heavy weight vinyl, made with care from masters (and even the proper masters, not...
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    Yet Another Terrorist Attack

    "A little off topic, but I wonder how long it will take the libs in this country to spin this into an example of how disarming law abiding citizens in the US will protect us from such heinous acts." Probably at least 20 minutes longer than it took you to spin it into a political rant about "the...
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    Yet Another Terrorist Attack

    Some of those Turkish cops were incredibly brave. Hats off to them. (btw, they're Muslims, too).
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    Stratocasters wtf

    Shim it! Learn to love a little cardboard. Hell they shimmed most of them at the factory back in the pre-cbs glory days.
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    Hollywood Vampires

    Anything that gets people to come out at night for live music is a good thing IMO. If actors starting bands bring some attention to actual full-time musicians and bands it's all good.
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    Why 1974 for the Custom Reissue

    My bad, no insult intended.
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    What Has Happened To Boxing?

    The irony is that, with the right equipment and training, boxing is safer for kids to participate in than high school football. But we've lost the whole youth culture of boxing that once existed. Boxing clubs, kids watching fight night, kids eagerly anticipating the great marquee fights like...
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    Why 1974 for the Custom Reissue

    "Any ideas why Gibson selected 1974 (as if we can understand why Gibson does anything ) as the year to replicate? Personally, I think I would want the REAL deal" That began as the Randy Rhodes model, right? A "dead accurate copy" of his 1974 custom that wasn't so dead accurate.
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    What Has Happened To Boxing?

    PPV and divorce killed boxing. No more big fights on network, and a generation of boys being raised by women who no-way-in-hell-were shelling out for PPV so their kid could watch blood sport. I grew up watching fights on TV. Even the Ali fights were free.
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    Gibson The Hawk!

    My NH has a '50s round I think it's called, and like yours meaty and not baseball bat. Also not shoulder'y. If your Hawk is anything like mine, it's a great neck. My favorite neck. I wonder if anyone's tried to put a tele bridge pickup in one of these. It almost looks like you could...
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    1990 Les Paul Standard Cherry SUnburst

    The serial number, at least, shouldn't worry you too much. Gibson used a funky system in the early 90s. Here are some others from that era: early 1990 -- 4 digit After mid 1990 to 5 digit with gap. Note how similar the "5" is to yours.
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    1990 Les Paul Standard Cherry SUnburst

    Serial number is for mid-late 1990 classic. "Les Paul Model" (as opposed to "Les Paul Classic" and the 1960 pickguard also say speak to the vintage. Edit: it was early 1990 that had the 4 digit SN, so this is later '90 model.
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    Les Paul PEACE Owners - Come On In Here

    "What is everyone's favorite finish on the Peace models? I like Placid Purple the best and Tranquillity Blue Burst a close second." I saw a Tranquillity Blue one in GC the other day. Aptly named it is; I stared at it for long, contemplative minutes and calmed right down. The less-than-swift GC...
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    Will the UK leave the EU (THIS IS NOT POLITICAL)

    I think we can all agree that markets and politicians should calm the fk down and stop trying to manipulate everyone with scare talk. The UK voted and now comes a long process of negotiation. I'm glad Merkel is sounding a more reasonable tone. I wish Obama would take back his sht talk about...
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    Had an interesting call today from the newspaper

    Am I correct in guessing that the politicians pushing this law are also the ones who complain about excessive government regulations and "frivolous lawsuits" driving embattled small businesses out of the state?

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