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    Post Your SG !

    1977 Gibson SG. Love the tarbacks. It was originally white, and has yellowed so nicely.
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    NGD - Rich Robinson ES-335

    I have those 3 sig 335s too!
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    FT: Gretsch 6120 Brian Setzer gorgeous green flame

    I'm interested in just about anything possibly as long as it's of somewhat similar value. Trade value probably around $1900. This is a 2013 Gretsch Brian Setzer 6120 in absolute mint condition. I'm just not a big body guitar guy I've decided. Not a scratch or mark of any kind on it. Probably...
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    2002 Limited Metallic color Studio

    This is mine, although it was completely modded:
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    Chris Cornell and Gibson team up

    Just got mine!! It's just an unreal good guitar!! Love the tones and looks. Guys, you GOTTA get one. Awful cell pics.
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    Another sig Junior for Billie Joe?

    I think I got it covered. I have a BJA Junior single cut and a DC Junior in TV Yellow. I love those guitars. All about rock.
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    Dave Grohl. Ex Les Paul man, now Trini Lopez dude. Opinions?

    Oh I know they are Chinese fakes. I wonder how the quality is. Someone needs to order one just so we can pick it apart.
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    Dave Grohl. Ex Les Paul man, now Trini Lopez dude. Opinions?

    Dude, those DG335's are under $400. That's out of your range? See below link: :cool: Gibson DG 335 Sale « Gibson DG 335
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    NGD: Epi LP - What is this color?

    Dang, you guys are the nicest bunch of guys. So I am confused - is it a Standard or Classic?
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    NGD: Les Paul Special DC TV yellow

    This came yesterday. 2007 Gibson Les Paul Special DC TV yellow. And it is awesome. I have a bunch of guitars and some of them are far more expensive and "fancier" than this one, but I promise you I have never fallen in love with a guitar as instantly as I have with this Special. Everything about...
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    NGD: Epi LP - What is this color?

    So is this a Standard?
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    NGD: Epi LP - What is this color?

    What upgrades or mods are best suggested for a Epi LP like this? I was thinking 57 Classics for pickups. Thoughts? What upgrades are best?
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    NGD: Epi LP - What is this color?

    Thanks! That's it!!
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    NGD: Epi LP - What is this color?

    I grabbed this at GC the other day because it was cool looking and unusual. I have some Gibson LP's and have never owned a Epi LP so I don't know much about them. I ran the serial #, and this is a 2003 MIK at the Unsung factory. It is in excellent condition as I can't even tell that it was ever...
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    FT: Gretsch 6120 w/ upgrades and OHSC!

    I have a 2011 Trad Pro gold top with P 90's. I am looking for a 6120.

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