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    SOLD - 60th Anniversary R9 in Red Tea Burst

    Guitar sold yesterday! Thank you Gruhn's!
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    SOLD - 60th Anniversary R9 in Red Tea Burst

    Thanks. The pic they posted is horrible. The ones above show what it really looks like.
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    SOLD - 60th Anniversary R9 in Red Tea Burst

    My guitar is for sale at Gruhn's (consignment stock number EB7173) in Nashville for $5,750 Sold. Their picture and description are not great so I thought I'd post more detailed info and images here with a link to my MLP content to give it more fluff. Please contact them if you are interested in...
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    2021 R8 neck profile

    This is all so subjective. Generally, I measure the neck depth at the 1st and 12th with digital calipers but I didn't have this one long enough to get to that. I took it out of the case and was immediately like "NOPE" and put it back. Lol
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    2021 R8 neck profile

    I briefly had one from Wildwood, a 60th Anniv. R8, that had a huge neck. I ended up with an R9 that was right on.
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    Loving the color of my 2021 dirty lemon MTM from HOG.

    I bought mine from them last year. Free shipping, great price, no tax to Memphis. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one from them tomorrow. Ask for Curt.
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    Loving the color of my 2021 dirty lemon MTM from HOG.

    Gorgeous guitar. It looks a lot like mine which HoG called "Red Tea Burst." They explained the 90's Process as being a MTM to look like the run Murphy built for them in the 90's.
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    I’m planning on buying a Wildwood Murphy Lab

    Try calling Wildwood with the serial number. They are incredibly friendly and helpful there. I'm sure they could answer your questions.
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    NGD! R9 Best...Top...Ever...

    Behold ye heathens...the most beautiful guitar there ever was or ever will be! HoG 60th Anniversary R9
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    I bought mine from them in Dec. Great sales experience and a truly unique instrument.
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    It's Tea Time -Let's See Yer Teabursts!

    Here's my 60th Anniversary R9 in Red Tea Burst.
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    Traditional 50's neck vs R8 differences?

    That's what I would have done but the lead time was longer than I wanted to wait (it was like 6-9 months at the time). Best thing to do is call Wildwood and talk to Steve. He's their Gibson guy for custom orders (though anyone there will be just as helpful really, it's s great place).
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    Container Ship Loses Cargo

    Haha. Yeah. We are the oil supply of whatever species is dominant on Earth 50 million years from now. This'll give you perspective: What's left of us will be going into some frog-descendant's fuel tank (or going 'click' on their Geiger-counter). :rofl:
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    NGD/1st Anniversary? 60th Anniversary R0 V1

    Yeah, that's amazing! Here's it's older (but newer?) brother. This one's a 60th Anniversary R9 in Red Tea Burst. Like yours, I love these reddish-brown bursts.
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    M2M Limits?

    What are you waiting for? Put a M2M order in with Wildwood for House of Guitars (and others I'm sure) and it just goes in. It might take 9 months to get but there's no waiting for two months for some kind of approval.
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    Lighting and Flame Tops

    Here's the guitar in natural lighting!
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    Lighting and Flame Tops

    I read books on Quantum Physics (the "for dummies" kind) for entertainment, In Search of Schrödinger's Cat was one favorite, so yes, please do. :dude: I can't do the math but I do get most of it conceptually.

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