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    Bar top Les Paul project

    love the idea, good story and a lot of fun. you are knocking this out in no time...amazing.
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    Possible 58-59 Les Paul No Serial No.

    wonderful condition there
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    Austin speaker works / scumback speakers

    any replies on this?
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    What kind of 1x12 to get?

    This may help you with Ohm's law: OHMS & IMPEDANCE from the OUTPUT (speaker) perspective - FAQ courtesy of Matching Speakers To Amps | Guitar Columns @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com SPEAKERS & OHMS!!!! Everything you need to know about SPEAKERS & OHMS!!! - GeekChat!
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    Who do you think is the greatest frontman of all time?

    Subjectivity and what have been exposed to are definitely hard to overcome on this topic. So far, I think there have been great champions of the front-man persona mentioned in this thread. What comes to mind for me--based off the singer transcending to iconic status for not just their voice...
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    FS 1958 Les Paul Custom

    amazing. enjoy
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    Would a *blingy* L5 hold value?

    To preface my post, I am not an expert on what this may provide on a ROIC for you. Rather than look at what the future value is on this, look at the value this will have for you to play it, as a guitar. If this value aligns with what you feel is acceptable for your own enjoyment, then that is...
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    The end of Big Oil?

    It is pretty neat that this post made it to the MLP thread. I have had involvement on the bench science--non policy side--of this with the above professor, other professors, and private companies that are seeking their place in this trillion dollar industry of energy. Big oil has also invested...
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    stupid americans lol

    Science--literacy of, engagement in, and curiosity to understand--is very important to me. When I taught university chemistry and physics classes / laboratories, I stressed what I view as the most important, which is inquiry. This nation has quite a lot of bright minds. My whole career has...
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    RIP Johnny Winter

    nice musical legacy he left behind
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    Alk-3 in Guitar Player Magazine...

    Tom - congrats on your well earned achievement! You not only posses the discerning artistry for this recognition, but you also have humility that truly makes you a star that we can all get behind. Standing ovation!
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    Wearing Your Own Band's T-Shirt

    - agreed. be proud of what you are doing.
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    Wearing Your Own Band's T-Shirt

    This brings up a nice story. A few years back, I was getting on a plane that was heading for England (I was heading to Spain) and I saw Duff McKagan (oh, my...bassist from GNR and Velvet Revolver. Yes, I understand I am in a minority of visually recognizing and knowing the names of a musician...
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    Archey Build

    Interesting choice of wood for the top, what drew you to this wood and why did you choose it? I learned about this wood a little bit because of you: Movingui. Tonewood Profile | Guitarbench
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    Phaez Amps [merged]

    Happy BDAY Roscoe
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    New guy from California

    welcome to the circus
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    MLP Phaez Family Tree - Current/Past owners please contribute!

    Randy was kind enough to take my 12 June 2013 order for a Phaez Beano Amp (18W JTM, effects loop essentially).
  18. Bean Back

    Bean Back

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