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    "The" Classic Les Paul Pickup?

    Right now I just have a Vox VT30 practice amp, but I am in the market for a new amp, and I posted a thread in the amp forum on here regarding the same topic.
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    Recommend me a 30-50w head

    Looking for advice on a head to deliver those classic "modded Marshall" tones. Playing things like ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, etc. I've looked at the Orange Thunderverb and Blackstar Artisan heads, among others. I have a Ts-9 and an OCD to do some extra lifting in the gain department, in...
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    "The" Classic Les Paul Pickup?

    Wondering what you guys would think that the perfect pickup is for that classic LP tone heard on so many records is. I play things like ZZ Top, Zep, GnR, etc. I've looked at things like the Seth Lover and Pearly Gates set from Seymour Duncan, and PAF 36th from Dimarzio, but I'm open to any...

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