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    S/n help

    Hello all. What can you tell me about this serial number? I’m told it is a 1999 classic but thinking its a 1998?
  2. BMS

    Bruno & Trainwreck Amp Owners:

    I have a Limited Tony Bruno 10th Anniversary #8 of 25 Underground 30. Amazing amp.
  3. BMS

    Delete please

    That’s a nice amp!
  4. BMS

    Neck replacement

    Hi all. Wondering if this is a doable venture. It’s a 2016. Any idea what it would cost to do a proper replacement? thanks in advance
  5. BMS

    Is this Slash legit?

    That’s what I thought. Thanks!
  6. BMS

    Is this Slash legit?

    I’m sure it’s not. Just verifying for a friend.
  7. BMS

    Carpal Tunnel surgery

    Remember to move your fingers aggressively whenever you can. You’ll be up and playing sooner than you think. Heal fast!
  8. BMS

    Need to replace ac cable for old Marshall PA100

    Hi, I need to replace the ac cable for my early 70’s Marshall PA100. It is hardwired. Is it easy to do without zapping myself? Also what gauge would I need? Thanks!
  9. BMS

    Advice on shipping a tube amp.

    Thanks all!
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    Advice on shipping a tube amp.

    Hi all. Need your help an shipping a tube amp. I just sold a Marshall head and want to know if there is a best way to handle the tubes. Should I leave them in. This seems to me the safest way though I’ve heard people removing them. I would think that removing them there’s more potential of...
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    FS/Partial Trade '74 Les Paul Custom

    Not sure how to edit the title or delete?
  12. BMS

    FS/Partial Trade '74 Les Paul Custom

    Sold pending transaction this Tuesday. Looking forward to the part trade with a guy who will give my guitar a good home.
  13. BMS

    Boss Peds (added RV3 vintage pink label)

    Good price on the RV3
  14. BMS

    FS/Partial Trade '74 Les Paul Custom

    Price lowered. $2900 USD
  15. BMS

    Carpal Tunnel surgery

    Oh yes. Definitely do one at a time. If a doctor is going to do both at the same time, you’ve got the wrong doctor. Lol
  16. BMS

    Value 1980 shaw dirty Finger?

    Yes they are a Gibson pick up. $150 to $175
  17. BMS

    Carpal Tunnel surgery

    I had both my hands done. Very successful in my case. Key is to get a reputable specialist. Look around and get referrals. My friend recommended his guy and I’m very happy with the results. I was playing guitar in three days.
  18. BMS

    Did a vinyl record floor in my studio.

    I did buy 3 packs of those and needed more. A local record shop fortunately had a ton in a big fish tank. I should have gone to them originally but didn’t think anyone would have had that many.
  19. BMS

    Did a vinyl record floor in my studio.

    Over 500 of those suckers. You know how hard it was to find that many?

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