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  1. poro78

    My workshop on Japanese TV...

    Sounds a bit kinky after all these dungeon talks. Or is it just me? :naughty:
  2. poro78

    V.M.& P. Naphtha in EU?

    Don't know what V.M. & P. Naphtha is, but the naphtha I have is Rema TipTop's Liquid Buffer (EU stuff, made in Germany). Only ingredient is "naphtha (mineral oil)".
  3. poro78

    Andrew Update

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Hoping for the best.
  4. poro78

    57 Custom replica Build

    Haven't seen him post here in ages (well, to be honest, I haven't been anymore even lurking here frequently), but he's alive and kicking on YouTube (Boudreau Guitars).
  5. poro78

    How about an SG build??

    When I build my SG(ish) abomination I spent a lot of time in the sister forum:
  6. poro78

    Maybe taking a break

    Hang in there, mate! It sucks ass big time now, but life ebbs and flows and better times will also come.
  7. poro78

    ugly, but it works for neck dive

    My friend's guitar has some neck dive issues and we're planning to try tire wheel weights to fix that. There's a lot of space in control cavity and we thought that since these weight straps have adhesive backing and they are made of 5 and 10 gram pieces (full strap is 60 grams), we can add...
  8. poro78

    Tsunami in Japan again

  9. poro78

    Top source in Europe

    My addition to the list is Italian Rivolta: I've also used both Espen and Madinter and have nothing bad to say about them.
  10. poro78

    Megadeth concert
  11. poro78

    Euro 2016

    Oh no; Italy is out! That's...well...what I expected.
  12. poro78

    Game of Thrones - season 6

    It's her new "Darth Vader" suit?
  13. poro78

    Game of Thrones - season 6

    Well, not exactly a HBO production but...
  14. poro78

    Game of Thrones - season 6

    IMO, that theory is more tinfoil department than the gravedigger theory. :fingersx: I believe that the Water Dancers are totally different breed, more mundane sword fighters than the cultist type assassins aka the Faceless Men. If I remember right, Jaqen was found from the black cells and the...
  15. poro78

    Game of Thrones - season 6

    Well, that was nice. I was expecting heads to roll, but wow. (They air the show a day later here in Finland, I have to avoid this thread for almost two days before that :D ) Things are wrapping up quite fast, hopefully they get everything settled without rushing too much in 13 episodes. Of...
  16. poro78

    Euro 2016

    This reminds me of Uncle Roy's era in team Finland ten years ago... "We should/could/will win this... looks fine... looks fine... oh, bugger." (Win rate was about 25% or so)
  17. poro78

    Euro 2016

    WTF? I miss the first half of the match and there's a great upset brewing? :shock:
  18. poro78

    Euro 2016

    Like I said - I'm surprised. I'm surprised by the lack of cojones in team Spain. They really need grittier, meaner players like Diego Costa. Italy's defense was really solid and Spain wasn't much a threat. Maybe I'll be even more surprised after Italy vs. Germany. ;) Hopefully it's not 0-0...
  19. poro78

    Am I "anti-social"? (my attempt at a Joey thread)

    Social networks are a great way to replace real social life. :naughty: It's easier here than outdoors - you all are not invading my personal space. :laugh2:
  20. poro78

    Euro 2016

    Everton, eh? Totally unintentional, but what the hell, let it be. :wave::D

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