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  1. CapeRR

    Katana 50 Footswitch question

    One thing of note is that the FS6 doesn't come with a TRS cable like the APEX does. I went with the FS6 at $59 and had to buy a 6 foot TRS cable at L&M and that alone was $25! I'm not going to bring it back now but if I had my time over I'd have gotten the APEX.
  2. CapeRR

    NGD LPJ Fireburst

    She's a beauty. HNGD!!
  3. CapeRR

    NGD: 2008 LP Standard Desert Burst

  4. CapeRR

    Any love for the 57+ in their Traditional?

    I have the 57/57+ in my 50's Tribute and I really like them. I do prefer a little more the BB Pros in my Trad faded. I find they're a little more detailed and I can hear the individual strings to my ears. That being said, I find the 57s and BB Pros to be similar and that a little amp EQ would...
  5. CapeRR

    NGD 2011 Les Paul Studio Faded Brown

    Nice score.
  6. CapeRR

    Playing Ozzy on my Signature T

    Nice job. Sig T is pretty sweet too.
  7. CapeRR

    Ngd: how could I pass it up?

    These are sweet congrats.
  8. CapeRR

    Oops eBay. Imminent NGD.

    Nice score....congrats.
  9. CapeRR

    Low E String Buzz on New Les Paul

    That's some pick Nobody plays like that....somebody's OCD is kicking in. :laugh2: Mine are setup the way I like them, but if I did that mine would rattle like that too. :shock:
  10. CapeRR

    F/S Korg Pitchblack Tuner (Like new)

    One of the best tuners out there. GLWS
  11. CapeRR

    two friends dead in two days.

    Sorry to hear...condolences.
  12. CapeRR

    One more reason no one takes Canada seriously...

    I hate politics....go Leafs go.
  13. CapeRR


    Looks great....hngd.
  14. CapeRR

    NGD: Vintage Sunburst Classic Antique

    Well look at the top on that!!! Congrats
  15. CapeRR

    The 2011 LP Traditional (Standard?) Faded Mega-Thread

    ^^That is This is a faded thread though. You could start your own new guitar day thread and more people would have a chance to see it.
  16. CapeRR

    Dodgy 2013 les Paul

    Pics? Maybe the nut is cut too close to the edge or it could be your technique. A pic over top of the nut and down the fretboard would certainly show and issues with it.
  17. CapeRR

    New 2013 Les Paul Traditional (Honey Burst)

    Beautiful congrats.
  18. CapeRR

    Check out this 2013 Standard and tell me...

    With the newer pic it's fine by's a beauty. If it looked like the first one at all angles, for the money I'd pass on it.
  19. CapeRR

    New 2013 Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute Vintage Sunburst!

    HNGD.....these are sweet. Congrats

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